Matt Badiali and his successes

Matt Badiali is known by many for doing great things. He is the current editor of Banyan Hill Publishing. He also founded Real Wealth Strategist. Matt is a great learner having attended prestigious institutions like the Penn University where he obtained health sciences degree. He later went to Florida University to further his education attaining Masters in Science geology. He has been playing an important role working at Banyan Hill Publishing where he publishes different journals. Matt is one of the best geologists, and that is why his focus is natural resources. Through his work, he helps people to understand their value. He has also ventured in entrepreneurship and launched a newsletter that enables readers to look up to the best stocks. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

One of his discoveries is an opportunity for investment called Freedom Checks. With this opportunity, the users can get profits through a quarterly or monthly program. The profits that the investors get may be boosted because of factors such as gas imports and oil have gone down. He refers to this investment opportunity as Master Limited Partnerships. That is why he is always guiding those interested in ways of getting profits with the chance.

Matt Badiali also has knowledge in natural resources having studied it for over twenty years. The experience he has helped him to guide his customers in various ways in which they can invest their money and acquire the profits they target. Matt Badiali has been successful in what he does because he believes in hard work and this is the same thing he does to his clients, encouraging them to put extra effort in what they do to ensure they are successful in their investments.

Matt Badiali is always insisting to his customers that they should be dedicated and come up with a way to change how they do things since doing it wrong can drag their businesses. His also points out that technology is useful but comes with ways that can disrupt your business. He is always clear to clients telling them to use technology in a way that they can benefit their businesses. He has proven by example that wise investment strategies can reward.  Visit:


Luiz Carlos Trabuco; Overseeing the Bank’s Transitions

     Many organizations have realized that there are key benefits of internally sourcing out for employees before they advertise for the particular position or hire a recruitment consultant to handle the situation. Not only does internal recruitment save time but also save the costs associated with finding the right candidate for the job. As illustrated by one Banco Bradesco, Brazil’s leading financial services firm, internal recruitment is one of the best replacement methods that every organization may want to adapt from now henceforth.

Banco Bradesco’s Transitions

For Banco Bradesco, it all started when Brandao de Mello announced that he was stepping down to allow a younger leader to take over. Having served Banco Bradesco from the moment it was established, Lazaro had accomplished so much in his presidential tenure. Not only did he grow Bradesco’s shares in the industry but also focus on mentoring the youth by helping them to achieve personal and organizational targets.

Why Internal Recruitment?

As he stepped down, Brandao de Mello shared his concern about the importance of maintaining the already selected pool of talent. According to him, even if he was resigning, Banco Bradesco had to uphold internal recruitment alongside maintaining the already existing employees because they understood the ropes of Banco’s operations better than a stranger would. For that reason, he decided to hire Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as a successor.

Electing a New President

The decision to choose Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was entirely influenced by his past experiences at Banco Bradesco. Given that he is the CEO and has been working for the organization for about two decades, Brandao de Mello felt that he better qualified for the position even if it was just for a while in preparation to the election of the actual president. Moreover, Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco straight from college. From his first entry level job as a clerk, he worked hard to accomplish a lot and earn a promotion. After fifteen years, he was appointed to serve as the vice president where he worked hand-in-hand with Brandao de Mello and Amador Aguia, the founder of Banco Bradesco. In his tenure as vice president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco streamlined the firm’s operations to suit the rising financial needs to clients.

Roles and Responsibilities

Besides, he also connected the bank to the media, thereby giving it a free pass into the portfolio of high-prolific clients. That explains why Banco Bradesco’s shares rose over the years. From that moment onward, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was trusted to guide the bank critical decision making as well.

The Outline

Now that a new president is taking over the leadership reigns, not only will Carlos Trabuco be expected to maintain his initial position but also evaluate Octavio de Lazari’s performance to make sure that he is on the right path of service delivery to clients.

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Travels To Europe For Education Inspiration

Betsy DeVos, the Holland Michigan billionaire, isn’t interested in what American teachers have to say about the country’s public school system. She knows the public school system is a disaster, and she plans to fix it by turning public schools into public charter schools. That may sound like a good idea, but Betsy’s main goal, according to her critics, is profit, not a better education system. Betsy is a fighter, according to the New York Times, but other news agencies call her much more than that. In some education circles, DeVos is an inexperienced snob who got the job by donating millions to the Republican Party. And those same critics say Betsy and Trump have a similar dream for America’s public schools. Trump wants them to be profit centers, and DeVos knows how to do that, according to Mr. Trump.



But in spite of the bad press reports that follow her wherever she goes, she is relentless when it comes to pushing her charter school and voucher agenda. Public school teachers and administrators think DeVos doesn’t have the education knowledge to change the education system the right way, and many parents agree with that observation. But Betsy ignores those claims even though she fumbled a 60 Minutes interview, and she creates a media firestorm every time she opens her mouth.



DeVos may have a stoic personality and her beliefs about the education system may be a little too capitalistic for the true education proponents, but she is trying to do what she believes is right for the country. Husband Dick DeVos thinks Betsy is on the right path because he believes what Betsy believes. Dick is pushing her agenda like a faithful and devoted husband.



In order to understand Betsy DeVos, people need to look at where she came from. Her wealthy automobile industry parents taught her Christian values that conform to her Dutch ancestry. That’s one reason the Netherlands was her second stop on her recent trip to Europe. DeVos wants to see how the UK, Switzerland, and the Netherlands decentralized school systems operate. Betsy met with the Minister of Education in the Netherlands, and she visited several hand-picked education programs in the Netherlands so she could see how kids learn. Betsy’s critics say her trip to Europe was an escape from the controversy that follows her wherever she goes in the United States, but Betsy isn’t interested in those reports.



The teachers who say DeVos is out of touch with what is happening at their level continue to push for better wages and more government funding. But DeVos isn’t listening to them. She wants to make the Trump administration happy. In spite of the fact that most lawmakers think she is incompetent, Trump thinks she is doing an excellent job. And at this point, pleasing Trump seems to be the flavor of the day in Washington.



Some people say Betsy is the perfect education secretary because she is changing an antiquated education system. But her methods and her lack of compassion for teachers and school administrators are making her look like a tyrant who will do anything to be in control.


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The Story And Career Achievements Of Trabuco Bradesco

     The extensive recognition of Trabuco Bradesco is in line with his service as the Bradesco Bank’s president for as long as nine years. The assets of Bradesco that places it at the second positions in line with both private banks and equity banks. It was in the year 2015 that he became considered an annual entrepreneur within the category of finance. This happened with the courtesy of the magazine, Isto É Dinheiro. At the moment, Trabuco Bradesco serves at Banco Bradesco as the Chairperson of the Directors’ Committee. It was in the year 2009 that he appeared in the listing of the most influential hundred Brazilians across the nation. It is worth acknowledging that Forbes American magazine listed him as one of the exemplary Brazilian Chief Executive Officers.

In line with his education, he graduated his bachelors’ degree from Sao Paulo de Marilia that is presently known by the name UNESP. He attained this before earning his Socio-Psychology postgraduate degree from Sao Paulo’s College of Politics and Sociology.

The career of Trabuco Bradesco encompasses an incorporated story since he started his service early through his career endeavors that began its way as early as at his age of seventeen. He gave service through different roles for more than fifteen years and finally got himself to a more worthy, respectable and rewarding opportunity. This points to his service as the managing director. It is in the course of his service that the communication of the bank gained recognition and modernization and it has a closer connection with regards to the media.

He took charge over the marketing of the bank for eight years until 1992 when he turned out to be the Bradesco Vida e Previdência’s CEO. The company is privately owned, and its focus is in line with a private pension. He continued with the service until the year 1998. It is in the same year that he got elected to the position of the managing director at the Banco Bradesco firm before assuming the Executive Vice President’s position after one year.

Later on in the year 2003, he became Bradesco Seguros’ president. Worth acknowledgment is the fact that this company encompasses other eight different firms. Notably, he facilitated the coordination of the Bradesco shares’ launch during the period with regards the Stock Exchange of New York.

The achievements went on until he became the Administrative Council’s third president. This was after the remarkable headship of the other previous leaders of the organizations such as Lázaro de Melo Brandão and Amador Aguiar. Up to date, Trabuco Bradesco heads the committee presidency.

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Flavio Maluf’sAchievements in Brazil Business

Flavio Maluf is a well-recognized businessman who studied in the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation where he got a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Flavio had a background which was supportive of the fact that his parents were wealthy especially his father who was a politician and still a businessman. Flavio did not regard this as a means for survival, but he decided to establish his ventures even though they were wealthy.

Flavio Maluf had developed an interest in business, and he decided to pursue a business course although he had also acquired a degree in engineering. After gaining some necessary skills in marketing, Flavio took over and became the leader of their family business. As a piece of advice to other individuals seeking to join the world of business, Flavio says that individuals should approach business with caution. Visit to learn more

He further states that many people think of owning a business, and they expect to work less and earn more, but this is not the case. Everybody involved in the company must actively participate in the market to grow and become successful. The amount of capital needed is also a significant concern, but this should not be a problem because there is an existence of many ventures out there which do not require a significant amount of capital to start.

Flavio Maluf started his own company which was called Eucatex. He borrowed the idea of starting the enterprise from his great-grandfather who had a sawmill. The company mainly uses eucalyptus trees hence the name Eucatex. The company has focused primarily on producing environmentally friendly products which have been certified and meet the consumer needs.

High taxes also pose a challenge to the business, but Flavio has been able to use tactics which see the company keeps developing and still be able to pay for the relevant taxes. The company also earns recognition by participating in sponsorship events and sports projects which mainly benefit communities around them. Regional taxes are also imposed on companies, and this is primarily aimed at developing the regions where the companies are located to enable them to grow more. Flavio Maluf has been able to progress well in business thanks to Eucatex.

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Ian King Points Out Some Of The Problems With Depending On Bonds As A Solid Investment

Ian King has been working in the financial sector for more than twenty years and has focused in on cryptocurrency investing in the last years. He is an author who is able to explain what he knows about investing very well, and he decided to team up with Banyan Hill Publishing in order to reach more people. In a recent article he wrote, he breaks down how bonds are becoming a challenge to the stock market. He pointed out that the stock market has been the strongest performer for investing over the last years but that the Fed has been increasing the the amount of returns people receive through bonds. This is causing more investors to look into bonds, which are becoming a safer and more sure investment. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

Ian King has worked with Citigroup in the past where he focused on credit derivatives and also served a well-known hedge fund as its head trader. He has been educating investors about the fact that yield rates have been increasing over the last year for bonds and that the U.S. two-year note is sitting at a much higher rate now than it was a year ago. The five-year and 10-year notes have also shown an increase while the yield for a 30-year bond is growing at a much slower pace. According to Ian King the TINA Effect, which is also known as there is no alternative, has kept people investing in the things they know most about and that are safe. This is part of the reason why investors have not given bonds a serious look.

Ian King wants to refer people back to 2008 when the Fed organized multiple rounds of quantitative easing that ended up producing longer-dated bonds. The move was made to offer banks relief as they required liquidity and to force investors to turn away from bonds and sink their money into higher risk investments. The hope was that the stock market would be brought back to life, and this move was also made in the European and Japanese markets. This actually caused bond prices to increase while the yields were tumbling at the same time. King does want people to know that they might want to consider not shifting all of their investment into bonds even though the stock market is not looking good. Other possibilities to consider are dividend paying stocks, which can fill in as a good investment in the meantime.

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Paul Mampilly’s Interview with Enterprise Radio Station

Paul Mampilly has proved to be an iconic figure in the cooperate world. It is due to his great achievements in finance management and study of the stock markets that he has raised to the pinnacle of success. Paul has proved to be quite an asset in the organizations he has worked for as a manager, helping them realize profits unlike when they didn’t have him. Many corporations have recruited him to important slots due to his expertise and knowledge in investments affairs.

After many years of serving the rich, Paul Mampilly became exhausted from making money for wealthy people and desired to create time for his family back at home. Since then, he has been working as an investment analyst as well as helping the ordinary people to make money via investments. Much of the sound advice and investment tips are found in his newsletters that make him feature frequently on Fox Business news and Bloomberg TV. Paul Mampilly’s newsletter Profits Unlimited had more than 90,000 people who have signed up for it since the newsletter provide an excellent description of investment opportunity in each month such as model portfolio where he lists a variety of stocks to be recommended to his readers for purchase purposes. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill

In the interview conducted by Erick Dye and Paul Mampilly for Enterprise Radio, he addressed how the passion for aiding common Americans drove him towards teaching them how to make their own money via investments. In the interview, they also discussed the various changes that had occurred in the past decades in matters pertaining stock market and the mistakes that people commit during investing in stocks for their first time. Most of the changes in the stock market were as a result of the introduction of computers, whereby management of lump sum amounts can be done quickly using computer’s algorithms. Also, it involves trading robot and its artificial intelligence hence making work more accessible and more straightforward than before. However, in the past two decades the computers were on a reserve of giant investment companies, today every investor including mid-sized investors do use computers.

Paul Mampilly revealed in the interview that his favorite entrepreneur at the time was Elon Musk. He continued to state that he admired him because of his guts in starting a chain of companies without fear of the uncertainty. In spite of many critics from those that envy him, Musk has never given up on running his businesses and erecting empires from scratch. In adjournment, Mampilly disclosed that for one to get his free articles and a list of the paid services, one can go to and subscribe. Visit:


Matt Badiali

Since the passing of the new Tax Plan businesses are ready for all the good fortunes that is prepared for them because of this huge change. Taxpayers are expecting nearly 34.6 billion in the new payouts that starts in less than a month away.

There is a special investment plan going around called “Freedom Checks” which many of people are starting to claim. This is a help for people who want to protect their retirements before July 1st comes.

All of this depends on the investments you have contributed but there is a lot of potential to make a lot.

The person who came up with the name “Freedom Checks” is Matt Badiali and he has done a well informative presentation. He tells how anyone at any age and net worth can began collecting their own “Freedom Checks” and start as early as next month. He also shares why they must be set up not a day later than July 1st. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Matt Badiali believes that it is a great thing that this plan has passed and wants people to join in on the “Freedom Checks” because this could turn out to be the biggest financial come up in all of history.

Matt Badiali has proven himself one of the best investment advisers in Banyan Hill. Badiali became apart of the team at Banyan Hil’s editorial staff where he gave his dedication and years worth of expertise in the geology department. Badiali has a masters degree in geology when he attended Florida Atlantic University. Matt has also gained a lot of experience and knowledge from his active participation in different places. He use to be a consultant which helped him travel to different places outside of the United States like Hong Kong, Iraq, Turkey and so many more.

As Matt traveled to those different countries he started to do his own research and gained knowledge about the local laws. He also learned about all the political problems, resources and their governments. For over 10 years Matt has been teaching his thoughts on geology and investing.

Matt Badiali has learned how to look deeper inside of basic research and using that to find info that is not well known to the public. He is definitely a motivational, and beneficial investment advisor for natural resources and metals.

Matt Badiali has proven time and time again that his investments and predictions are something to pay close attention to.



Philanthropic Initiative Of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello has achieved a lot throughout his career as well through philanthropic initiatives. He is an international business person that has a significant impact on the market.

At Nabors Industries he is the president and chief executive officer and has led the company to achieve great goals and more so leading in that field. The expansions that have been experienced by Nabors are the efforts and contribution of Tony so that it can be at the peak of the market both nationally and internationally in the drilling industry. This company has a competitive advantage over other drilling firms, since it has established its foundations in various countries and built its reputations.

Despite the impact that Tony Petrello has in Nabors, he also participates in charitable activities to boost the community through donations. For this reason, Tony is actively devoted to all the community initiative that aims at helping others in the society and together with her wife Cynthia they commit to supporting Philanthropic initiatives. For example, Tony Petrello made a donation of $5 million to Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute that is located in Texas. The main objective of such tremendous donation was to ensure that the children can be able to get treatment that is of top quality on the matter concerning Neurological diseases.

Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute has been recorded to care much for children care, and that is why Tony is much impressed to support all the efforts of that institute. The life of Tony seems to be successful, but he remains strong since it is fateful because his daughter Carena suffers from PVL. This condition developed when Carena was an infant and the blood flowing to her brain was insufficient resulting in this problem, and she was born prematurely.

However, that is not a drawback to Tony Petrello since that acts as a propeller to him and remain committed to supporting neurological disorders research institute. Cynthia Petrello and Tony have confidence and hope that one time in the lifetime of their daughter there will be a cure and they do encourage other parents that have children with Neurological disorders during conventions. They use their daughter as a reference since through that can inspire and bring peace to most parents and guardians. Therefore, it is vital to have role models in the society like Tony Petrello that is selfless and aim at helping others. At workplace employees like the leadership style of Tony.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco, The Face Behind Pension Solutions

One of the most complex issues that were, and is still facing Brazil and other countries is the issue of pension. Under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Bradesco has a genius and a born leader who has answers to problems facing financial institutions. Nevertheless, his career has risen to a world recognizable state by his formulation of ideas and problem-solving ideologies when it comes to pension and other economic issues.

As a member of the board of Banco Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has dedicated His life to this company, for over four decades of experience and has worked in different positions. His career has been propelled to where he is today through his dedication and hard work. He is recognized as one of the most influential people in Brazil. His ideologies have proven to be effective on many occasions causing him to be noticed and even offered a job by the government that he turned down and opted to stay loyal to Banco Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco holds a degree and extensive experience in his line of work from different companies but majorly from Banco Bradesco. As a graduate of Philosophy, from the University of São Paulo, He uses his knowledge to help in realizing the potential within the Workers at Bradesco. He can achieve this by delegating decision making responsibilities to individuals and making them own up to the outcome. His strategies as a leader have seen him grow different people in their lines of work, which in turn causes the company a success. Luiz Carlos is well known for his determination and focus on a particular job or project

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The pension solution
The mounting crises on a pension engulfing different nations have not exempted Brazil, and in fact, Brazil becomes one of the countries that would be affected by this crisis. Thankfully, with Luiz Carlos Trabuco at the top in the leadership of Bradesco, Brazil got answers and strategies that helped with the crises. However, this was at the institutional level. The success of his ideologies led to the Brazil government to embrace his ideologies when it comes to the formulation of ideas that would help in the curbing of these crises.

Though he turned down the job offer by the Brazil government, he is generous enough to give his assistants to the government technocrats working tirelessly in a bid to find pathways to the pension system according to Nevertheless, his ideologies were met with strong resistance at first, but he kept persisting and pushing for the best in the bank. Thus, eventually, his strategies became some of the significant reasons for the success of the institution in tackling the crisis at the time.

With the recent improvements in the volumes of foreign investment, His opinion is that the Brazil people consider making investments. He believes that the rate at which families are consuming is much higher than that of investment. At a recent, the Forum, during the Estadao convention, he dejected that the primary change needed in Brazil as of now is the acceptance of privatization in public sectors.

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