How Lime Crime Has Prospered Under Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She grew up in New York City although she was born in Russia. Doe started out from nothing and has achieved success all by herself. Her mission is to demonstrate to everyone that cosmetics don’t just conceal our imperfection but that they offer us an opportunity to express ourselves freely.


Her brand, Lime Crime, is an intense pigmented, bold and lively line loved by many all over the world. This name was born from her favorite color including her dream to create vivid and bright eye shadows, lipsticks and nail polishes. Lime Crime was launched in 2008.


How she defines success


According to Doe, success is having a vision that resonates with her audience to the extent that they can wear Lime Crime proudly.


A strategy she has used to grow her business


Doe treats her employees, partners, and vendors with respect and love. She understands that everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated. She always strives to uplift and motivates her team to succeed by providing positive reinforcement.


One thing she always does


In every decision she makes in her business, Doe trusts her gut. She doesn’t go into any deal unless she has a great feeling about it.


A habit that helps her stay productive


Doe knows her brand, as well as what it stands for. She also understands her clients. All this helps a lot when making vital decisions for her business. Being optimistic while approaching business situations and people also aids her too.


How she brings new ideas to life


Doe always waits patiently for inspiration. At times, it takes weeks or months to get inspired, but once she gets it, she does her best to act swiftly and authoritatively. Doe insists on trying out all her new products before they are offered to consumers. Living it and feeling it helps her in ensuring that the product is authentic to Lime Crime.


Primary failure she has faced in her career and how she overcame it


In 2014, Lime Crime suffered a security breach. The website was hacked and the hackers made away with some customer information. Even though this incident didn’t happen because of personal failures or negligence, Doe still felt responsible. The company struggled to restore their clients’ trust which they eventually succeeded.

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