Aloha Construction Is An Award Winning Company Who Treats Their Employees, Customers, And Community Right.

For Aloha Construction and the company’s CEO, Dave Farbaky, doing what is right when it comes to business and ethics is essential to Aloha’s corporate identity. Moreover, the CEO and President of BBB, Steve J. Bernas had many great things to say about Aloha Construction. Farbaky’s firm was awarded the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2017. Aloha was recognized as one of those firms that do their best to treat customers and stakeholders with a level of respect.


Farbaky’s company has recognized the importance of its employees, customers, stakeholders as well as members of its community. This company has a long reputation as an ethical company that is fair to its employees and customers. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) specifically noted when it gave its award to Aloha Construction that Aloha provided a great service to the communities of Zurich, Illinois. Not only does Aloha serve all of Illinois, but they also the southern portion of Wisconsin as well.


Aloha is a family-owned general contracting as well as a construction company, which was founded in 2008. In ten years, it has grown into a juggernaut in the home-improvement sector. Aloha has over 20,000 finished projects.


Aloha also provides services like roofing repair and replacement, stucco installation, bathroom repair, window replacement, kitchen design, masonry, vinyl siding repair and installation, waterproofing, carpet cleaning, gutter services, fire and smoke restoration and mold removal. They are also licensed, insured, and bonded. Aloha offers a 10-year craftsmanship warranty. Aloha is a member of the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA), National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) as well as the Building Trades Association (BTA). The company has also received a certification from the Better Business Bureau and an A rating.


Synchrony Financial has partnered with Aloha their wide range of consumers with financing options.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco; Overseeing the Bank’s Transitions

     Many organizations have realized that there are key benefits of internally sourcing out for employees before they advertise for the particular position or hire a recruitment consultant to handle the situation. Not only does internal recruitment save time but also save the costs associated with finding the right candidate for the job. As illustrated by one Banco Bradesco, Brazil’s leading financial services firm, internal recruitment is one of the best replacement methods that every organization may want to adapt from now henceforth.

Banco Bradesco’s Transitions

For Banco Bradesco, it all started when Brandao de Mello announced that he was stepping down to allow a younger leader to take over. Having served Banco Bradesco from the moment it was established, Lazaro had accomplished so much in his presidential tenure. Not only did he grow Bradesco’s shares in the industry but also focus on mentoring the youth by helping them to achieve personal and organizational targets.

Why Internal Recruitment?

As he stepped down, Brandao de Mello shared his concern about the importance of maintaining the already selected pool of talent. According to him, even if he was resigning, Banco Bradesco had to uphold internal recruitment alongside maintaining the already existing employees because they understood the ropes of Banco’s operations better than a stranger would. For that reason, he decided to hire Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as a successor.

Electing a New President

The decision to choose Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was entirely influenced by his past experiences at Banco Bradesco. Given that he is the CEO and has been working for the organization for about two decades, Brandao de Mello felt that he better qualified for the position even if it was just for a while in preparation to the election of the actual president. Moreover, Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco straight from college. From his first entry level job as a clerk, he worked hard to accomplish a lot and earn a promotion. After fifteen years, he was appointed to serve as the vice president where he worked hand-in-hand with Brandao de Mello and Amador Aguia, the founder of Banco Bradesco. In his tenure as vice president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco streamlined the firm’s operations to suit the rising financial needs to clients.

Roles and Responsibilities

Besides, he also connected the bank to the media, thereby giving it a free pass into the portfolio of high-prolific clients. That explains why Banco Bradesco’s shares rose over the years. From that moment onward, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was trusted to guide the bank critical decision making as well.

The Outline

Now that a new president is taking over the leadership reigns, not only will Carlos Trabuco be expected to maintain his initial position but also evaluate Octavio de Lazari’s performance to make sure that he is on the right path of service delivery to clients.

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The Story And Career Achievements Of Trabuco Bradesco

     The extensive recognition of Trabuco Bradesco is in line with his service as the Bradesco Bank’s president for as long as nine years. The assets of Bradesco that places it at the second positions in line with both private banks and equity banks. It was in the year 2015 that he became considered an annual entrepreneur within the category of finance. This happened with the courtesy of the magazine, Isto É Dinheiro. At the moment, Trabuco Bradesco serves at Banco Bradesco as the Chairperson of the Directors’ Committee. It was in the year 2009 that he appeared in the listing of the most influential hundred Brazilians across the nation. It is worth acknowledging that Forbes American magazine listed him as one of the exemplary Brazilian Chief Executive Officers.

In line with his education, he graduated his bachelors’ degree from Sao Paulo de Marilia that is presently known by the name UNESP. He attained this before earning his Socio-Psychology postgraduate degree from Sao Paulo’s College of Politics and Sociology.

The career of Trabuco Bradesco encompasses an incorporated story since he started his service early through his career endeavors that began its way as early as at his age of seventeen. He gave service through different roles for more than fifteen years and finally got himself to a more worthy, respectable and rewarding opportunity. This points to his service as the managing director. It is in the course of his service that the communication of the bank gained recognition and modernization and it has a closer connection with regards to the media.

He took charge over the marketing of the bank for eight years until 1992 when he turned out to be the Bradesco Vida e Previdência’s CEO. The company is privately owned, and its focus is in line with a private pension. He continued with the service until the year 1998. It is in the same year that he got elected to the position of the managing director at the Banco Bradesco firm before assuming the Executive Vice President’s position after one year.

Later on in the year 2003, he became Bradesco Seguros’ president. Worth acknowledgment is the fact that this company encompasses other eight different firms. Notably, he facilitated the coordination of the Bradesco shares’ launch during the period with regards the Stock Exchange of New York.

The achievements went on until he became the Administrative Council’s third president. This was after the remarkable headship of the other previous leaders of the organizations such as Lázaro de Melo Brandão and Amador Aguiar. Up to date, Trabuco Bradesco heads the committee presidency.

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Eli Gershkovitch in the Canadian Craft Beer Industry

Canadians are huge beer consumers with statistics showing that the average Canadian consumes 80 liters. Due to this, the Canadian craft beer industry has grown and takes a huge market share of the beer industry in the world. Steamworks Craft Breweries is a key player in the craft beer industry in Canada ( Headed by Eli Gershkovitch, the company’s produces craft beers like Kölsch, Jasmine, Pilsner, India Pale Ale, White Angel IPA, Black Angel IPA, Heroica Red Ale and their signature Pale ale.


The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company is also one of the best craft beer companies in Canada. It is situated in Canmore, Alberta. Their famous beer flavors include light bodied pilsners, raspberry ale, and malty nut brown beers. The Muskoka Brewery is located in Muskoka, Ontario. The brewery takes pride in making their beers with the freshest product and purest ingredients. Their Muskoka Cream ale is a favorite in Muskoka. The company has also added more flavors to their beer list such as hoppy IPA, chocolate raspberry and dark winter stouts.

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Garrison Brewery has continued to produce its signature Irish red ale. They have more flavors to sample from including IPA, Nut Browns and raspberry wheats. Another interesting brewery would have to be the Church-Key brewery in Campbell ford in Ontario. It is actually lodged in a Methodist Church and has been operational for 15 years.


When Paddock Wood Brewing Company’s founder, Steve Cavan, relocated to Saskatchewan in western Canada he realized there was no craft beer in the area. He then started his own craft beer company and its products are now in supply in many establishments in western Canada.


Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO and founder of Steamworks Craft Breweries. He, however, did not start his career right away in the beer industry. He studied law and graduated with a degree. Nevertheless, Eli Gershkovitch dropped law to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and founded his own company.


His interest came from a trip he took to a microbrewery in Heidelberg, Germany where he got a taste of Belgian beer and its production. Eli Gershkovitch’s law degree has however not gone to waste. While practicing, he became familiar with liquor license laws and this is what has helped him set up and run Steamworks Craft Breweries.

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Shop Till You Drop With Kim Dao and Sunny

Kim Dao starts her video with her friend, Sunny. They are planning on having a day filled with shopping and just spending the day together. She shows how it is to shop in Korea. They browse around the mall looking at clothes from different stores. They grab a bite to eat and head out for more shopping. Their next shopping trip is for makeup. It is loads of makeup to choose from.Learn more :


Next, Kim Dao and Sunny visit a flower cafe. They sit down and look through their catalog to see what they might be interested in. They see some drinks that they want to try. They try on flower head pieces. Kim Dao said she found out about the cafe from one of her subscribers on Youtube. Their drinks arrive along with some desserts made to look like a flower in a flower pot. They like the way everything tastes.Learn more :


They are doing more browsing around Korea. They come across Forever 21 and a store called A’PIEU, which looks like a makeup store. Kim Dao tries on a cute pink motorcycle style jacket. Kim Dao and Sunny likes it. They have dinner together and meets up with friends to have dessert.Learn more :


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