Troubled Times Should See An Increase In Marketing Budget, Argues Jose Borghi Of Mullen Lowe

The name Jose Borghi is one of the best known in the Brazilian advertising industry for the success he has achieved from a relatively modest career beginning; Borghi began his career at the impressive Standard Ogilvy ad agency before taking up a number of other key positions and eventually setting out to establish his own BorghiEhr ad agency with a single business partner. Difficult times at the start of his own advertising agency, which would later become the globally recognized Mullen Lowe Brasil agency, have allowed Borghi to understand how difficult it can be to develop a brand in a crowded marketplace.

In terms of the evolution of the Brazilian economy the CEO of Mullen Lowe has already stated his belief the majority of the top 500 companies in the world are unheard of at the moment; the power of advertising and marketing are key to building a brand that will be recognized and inspire loyalty among customers. A difficult global economic climate is nothing to fear in the view of Jose Borghi who believes difficult and challenging times should be faced head on with a major push towards a more powerful way of looking at the advertising and marketing options open to each company.

Borghi has often explained his belief that a one size fits all approach to marketing is no longer applicable as the rise of social media and Internet-based advertising has changed the entire view of the industry across the world. The Brazilian advertising legend has also been quick to warn against the slide into a comfort zone that will often bring the company little growth or success; taking risks and looking to grow a strong customer base are key ingredients in creating a powerful company fr the future, in the view of Jose Borghi.

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