Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Travels To Europe For Education Inspiration

Betsy DeVos, the Holland Michigan billionaire, isn’t interested in what American teachers have to say about the country’s public school system. She knows the public school system is a disaster, and she plans to fix it by turning public schools into public charter schools. That may sound like a good idea, but Betsy’s main goal, according to her critics, is profit, not a better education system. Betsy is a fighter, according to the New York Times, but other news agencies call her much more than that. In some education circles, DeVos is an inexperienced snob who got the job by donating millions to the Republican Party. And those same critics say Betsy and Trump have a similar dream for America’s public schools. Trump wants them to be profit centers, and DeVos knows how to do that, according to Mr. Trump.



But in spite of the bad press reports that follow her wherever she goes, she is relentless when it comes to pushing her charter school and voucher agenda. Public school teachers and administrators think DeVos doesn’t have the education knowledge to change the education system the right way, and many parents agree with that observation. But Betsy ignores those claims even though she fumbled a 60 Minutes interview, and she creates a media firestorm every time she opens her mouth.



DeVos may have a stoic personality and her beliefs about the education system may be a little too capitalistic for the true education proponents, but she is trying to do what she believes is right for the country. Husband Dick DeVos thinks Betsy is on the right path because he believes what Betsy believes. Dick is pushing her agenda like a faithful and devoted husband.



In order to understand Betsy DeVos, people need to look at where she came from. Her wealthy automobile industry parents taught her Christian values that conform to her Dutch ancestry. That’s one reason the Netherlands was her second stop on her recent trip to Europe. DeVos wants to see how the UK, Switzerland, and the Netherlands decentralized school systems operate. Betsy met with the Minister of Education in the Netherlands, and she visited several hand-picked education programs in the Netherlands so she could see how kids learn. Betsy’s critics say her trip to Europe was an escape from the controversy that follows her wherever she goes in the United States, but Betsy isn’t interested in those reports.



The teachers who say DeVos is out of touch with what is happening at their level continue to push for better wages and more government funding. But DeVos isn’t listening to them. She wants to make the Trump administration happy. In spite of the fact that most lawmakers think she is incompetent, Trump thinks she is doing an excellent job. And at this point, pleasing Trump seems to be the flavor of the day in Washington.



Some people say Betsy is the perfect education secretary because she is changing an antiquated education system. But her methods and her lack of compassion for teachers and school administrators are making her look like a tyrant who will do anything to be in control.


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Philanthropic Initiative Of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello has achieved a lot throughout his career as well through philanthropic initiatives. He is an international business person that has a significant impact on the market.

At Nabors Industries he is the president and chief executive officer and has led the company to achieve great goals and more so leading in that field. The expansions that have been experienced by Nabors are the efforts and contribution of Tony so that it can be at the peak of the market both nationally and internationally in the drilling industry. This company has a competitive advantage over other drilling firms, since it has established its foundations in various countries and built its reputations.

Despite the impact that Tony Petrello has in Nabors, he also participates in charitable activities to boost the community through donations. For this reason, Tony is actively devoted to all the community initiative that aims at helping others in the society and together with her wife Cynthia they commit to supporting Philanthropic initiatives. For example, Tony Petrello made a donation of $5 million to Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute that is located in Texas. The main objective of such tremendous donation was to ensure that the children can be able to get treatment that is of top quality on the matter concerning Neurological diseases.

Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute has been recorded to care much for children care, and that is why Tony is much impressed to support all the efforts of that institute. The life of Tony seems to be successful, but he remains strong since it is fateful because his daughter Carena suffers from PVL. This condition developed when Carena was an infant and the blood flowing to her brain was insufficient resulting in this problem, and she was born prematurely.

However, that is not a drawback to Tony Petrello since that acts as a propeller to him and remain committed to supporting neurological disorders research institute. Cynthia Petrello and Tony have confidence and hope that one time in the lifetime of their daughter there will be a cure and they do encourage other parents that have children with Neurological disorders during conventions. They use their daughter as a reference since through that can inspire and bring peace to most parents and guardians. Therefore, it is vital to have role models in the society like Tony Petrello that is selfless and aim at helping others. At workplace employees like the leadership style of Tony.

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The Agenda and Determination of Betsy DeVos

The New York Times reported that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos met with a group of gay and transgender employees to give them notice before President Trump discarded a federal policy that allowed transgender students to use the school bathrooms that corresponded with their gender identities. While she told the group that she opposed the move and is said to have actually done so, she has not gone public with her opposition. Further, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, she criticized the previous transgender-friendly policy as an example of Obama-era overreach.


Despite her personal friendliness and her reluctance to challenge Trump publicly, Ms. DeVos is known to contend aggressively for her causes. In particular, she has long been an advocate for charter schools and school vouchers. While her critics cast her as an enemy of public schools, she argues the case that competition and choice drive educational quality.


Ms. DeVos is not without resources to back up her political advocacy. Born to a father who ran a billion-dollar auto parts company and supported Christian conservative causes, she has been a Michigan Republican Party chairwoman and a major Republican donor. Her husband, Dick DeVos, whose father founded Amway, came from an even wealthier family and ran for governor of Michigan in 2006. Although her wealth is an obvious asset, her influence has been equally attributed to her determination.


Due in large part to Ms. DeVos’ efforts, Detroit has the largest concentration of charter schools in the country. However, these schools have suffered from poor performance, disproportionately low demand, and arguably inadequate oversight while the city’s public schools have continued to decline. Ms. DeVos, who supports schools operated by for-profit companies and opposes holding them to performance standards, argues that parents’ decisions about where to send their children should be the primary evaluation criterion. Accordingly, she successfully fought bipartisan legislation that would have established protocols for permitting new charter schools and closing failing ones.


Secretary DeVos’ broad support for school choice includes the diversion of public funds both for charter schools and for vouchers for private and religious schools. According to the Washington Post, during her tenure as education secretary, she has made numerous promotional visits to a variety of public, charter, and private schools. Among these visits was an appearance with the rapper Pitbull at one of a number of charter schools he has started.


Having barely survived a contentious confirmation process that led to public ridicule of her in the media, Secretary DeVos is aware of the criticisms of her. Unlike the president, she does not publicly challenge her critics, and she even makes jokes about her perceived gaffes. In spite of this, it is said that opposition emboldens her, and she is often underestimated. While she came to Washington without government experience or close ties to the president, her supporters and critics both see her as formidable enough to spread her influence in Michigan to Washington.


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