Rocketship Education Approach towards Eradicating Achievement Gap in Schools

Most of the schools in Tennessee made great academic progress in the previous year which is in contrast to what the elementary schools in Davidson County unless they wait for another year to experience growth in academics. Whenever the TNReady results are released, the focus is usually on the student proficiency in the elementary schools. However, a new approach is in place in Nashville public schools that allows the student performance to be tracked which is referred to NWEA Measures of Academic Progress, MAP. This assessment method gives the details of the amount of growth that the specific student has experienced in every school year. Not that proficiency scores are bad, the challenge is that they only give the details if the student is on the grade level at a given point in time. On the other hand, growth scores, also known as the value-added scores give the details of how much a specific student is learning through a certain period putting aside the starting point. The major difference between the growth and proficiency is compared to responding to the concerns like, “how far they have gone”, and “if they are there yet”. MAP assessment approach is used in more than 7,400 schools and districts in the entire world. One of the users is the Rocketship Education. Since they opened the first school, the MAP assessment has been implemented and many other schools are complying with the measures. Among them are the Nashville Public Schools and Metro Nashville Public Schools.

A very significant thing to consider is growth since it is key for every individual student and more for those that come from less privileged communities and societies. An example is Nashville where children are born under very poor economic stages which creates the achievement gap. To eliminate the achievement gap between these students and encourage them in academics, growth is a key thing to closely watch for every student and recognize their rate of growth at every level in their academics.

Rocketship Education is a national public elementary school that is charted by the government in California and is a nonprofit firm with the motive of serving low-income societies whose children have limited access to good schools. They work to outgrow the achievement gap existing in the education systems.