Why Hussain Sajwani is the Developer to Watch in 2017

Hussain Sajwani, a developer in the Middle East, also known as the desert kingdom developer has been trying to strike a deal with Donald Trump for quite some time. His company, DAMAC ,is known for being the high-end, glitz and glamour of real estate in Dubai. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/dubai-billionaire-hussein-sajwani-ready-do-more-deals-trumps-n695566

The real estate looks nice, but his developments have also included new golf courses and more. That part of “more” includes food service that the Hussain Sajwani family provided to the United States Army in the 1991 war in Iraq. There were numerous areas that the Sajwani family was able to help the soldiers in, and that includes Bosnia as well.

While the DAMAC owner focuses on real estate today, the food service is still a big part of what the group does as a whole. Sajwani’s business expertise is second to none, and Hussain believes that it is pertinent to continue to develop these relationships on an international level for the sake of business.

While his business acumen is stellar, his ability to build relationships is also incredible. At an international level, property is still affected, and as the properties in the United Arab Emirates recover Hussain now sees this as the opportunity to continue to invest more than ever. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Newksira

Additionally, along with this business comes the registration for an IPO. This process while lengthy is essential to expanding business in numerous ways.

Financing and banking are essential to the health in the short-term as well as long-term for any business, but those who work in real estate are fully aware that the ability to secure the proper funding is critical. This is why hiring the right bank for the IPO process is important, and something that Hussain is considering carefully before he continues to invest in any new developments.

Currently, Hussain Sajwani has a low debt to income ratio inside his business and in life. This is the ideal position to be in and it is now easier for him to get the cash he needs to continue his development in the Middle East.