Meet Ollie: The Adorable Pup from Beneful #Dinner for Two Commercials

Purina’s line of Beneful dog food has some really adorable marketing campaigns. The commercials are fun and informative and many feature real consumers that feed their dogs beneful wet or dry dog food and treats and Beneful’s lacrosse camp.

One of my favorites is a campaign that features Amy and her little pup named Ollie. In the commercial series the two are making Dinner for Two and both Amy and Ollie talk about the benefits of Beneful’s yummy and healthy wet dog food. Ollie talks like a person about how much he can’t wait to gobble up the delicious meal and Amy talks about how important it is for her to know she is giving Ollie the best ingredients at an affordable cost. In one specific video on Beneful’s wet dog food in Roasted Turkey Medley, Ollie looks at a real pot pie and says it looks like a pillow and notes he can’t wait to lay his head down on the pot pie crust that Amy is eating. He then eats up his own wet food where viewers can see large pieces of turkey and fresh veggies and a decadent sauce and more information click here.

The #DinnerForTwo is a series and many adorable little commercials can be found on Beneful’s YouTube Channcel or on the Beneful section of the Purina website. Check them out to see more of Ollie!