The Growth of The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall started off as a DJ in his hometown and around New York City. He states he made a lot of dance music that felt more like a hobby than a job, even though it was his main source of income. Afterwards, he decided he wanted to give DJing a decent shot and try to make a full career out of it. His manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart, his current partner, and now one half of the iconic EDM pop duo, The Chainsmokers. Together they have made two EPs and have multiple major breakthrough songs.

To differentiate themselves from other DJ artists and groups, the duo stated they like to write all their songs about their own lives, and if they do not write them, they are still feeding in their perspectives and experience into the songs. Pall said he would rather have fewer songs that all relate to the two members and have the songs relate to each other, rather than multiple songs that do not give the same energy. When asked about working with Halsey in Closer, Pall also said that he and Taggart wanted to work with Halsey more than anybody especially because of her strong singing voice; they also hope to work with more artists like her.

The duo has seen multiple videos on social media of kids from different ages and from different countries that enjoy and are fans of their music. Pall’s mother even will hum along to “Roses” when she does not notice. The age groups that listen to The Chainsmokers does not just apply to younger ages, but as well older ones. Their audience spans to thousand across the nation, and hundreds of thousands across the world. Their hit songs and albums have made The Chainsmokers a household name. It is clear The Chainsmokers are only improving, and are one of the biggest DJ groups or duos in the music industry.

The Chainsmokers- The Captivating Duo

The Chainsmokers recent debut album has created its unique spot in the music industry with the recently released single going strong year after its release. The Memories album features songs, like Do Not Open, have maintained its stretched top spot in America most essential music charts.

The Billboards Top Dance and Electronics Album charts that measure most popular music records fitting the category of electronic or the dance labels has ranked Do Not Open as No 1. The song frame has given fame to the duo making them marked position thirty-fourth position among the non-consecutive musicians with influential albums.

The Album

The Chainsmokers Memories album top song Do Not Open joined the ranks of Gorilla’z Demon Days song by dominating the chart position months after its release. The song also boasts of being ranked high on the all-genre Billboards 200 and enjoying a never-ending dominance on Top 40 radio keeping the audience entertained. The Chainsmokers have ruled the music industry joining the leagues of Kygo and William Control. The recent debut is likely to keep them on No. 1 for months.

More about The Chainsmokers

The duo Chainsmokers boasts of being American DJ and artists consisting of Andrew Taggart and also Alex Pall. The Chainsmokers received their first breakthrough in the music industry through their song Selfie that ranked top in several countries in 2014. In 2015 October the duo released another debut the Bouquet that featured singles like Roses that was ranked top 10 by the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. The Bouquet album also features Don’t Let Me Down single hit song that become the duo first ever top 5 single winning them a Grammy Award on the 59th ceremony category of the Best Dance Recording.

The Chainsmokers has also bagged two accolades with the American Music Awards and five more from iHeartRadio Music’s Awards. In November 2016 the duo released their second EP Collage that later in April 2017 the Memories album was released with hit song Do Not Open dominating the music chart. The Chainsmokers duo started their music career together in 2012 and it’s managed by Adam Alpert whose recording offices are in New York and have shown relentless determination in making their music international.

Ryan Seacrest Talks About How His Impatience Helps Him Through His Day

Before he became famous across the country Ryan Seacrest had a local radio show in Los Angeles, California. It was this show that led to him being chosen as the host of American Idol in 2002. He has since gone on to have a great number of jobs all going on at the same time. He hosts many events, has a production studio, has a radio and tv show, has made a movie appearance in “Knocked Up” playing himself, and he released a line of formal wear for men among other things.

Ryan Seacrest says that his impatience serves him in keeping up with all of this activity. He says he gets things done quickly and then moves right on to the next thing. He says his day is very efficient, such as his never having a lunch meeting. He doesn’t like to waste his time traveling to a restaurant. Instead, he eats where he is which either comes out of a plastic container or he eats a shake if he feels like he looks too heavy that week.

His clothing line is called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He says that for years he had Burberry’s Christopher Bailey crafting his suits. He decided to start his own line of men’s formal wear which Bailey helped him out on. Ryan Seacrest partnered with the retail chain Macy’s to sell this clothing.

“On Air With Ryan Seacrest” started in February 2004. This radio shows broadcasts lives and people around the world listen to it. It is on from 6 am to 10 am Pacific Time each weekday. He covers news and entertainment on this show along with a couple of co-hosts who are Sisanie and Tanya Rad. These are assembled into podcasts with some of the latest ones being “Is Venmo Dating a Thing?” and “A Listener Had A Good Idea For Our Baby Bet” (his co-host Sisanie is pregnant). He taped this show in a studio in Burbank just outside of Los Angeles for several years. Now that he has moved to New York City he now uses a radio studio located in Manhattan.

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Preparing for a Headshot Photoshoot with Nine9

When you join Nine9 as a talent, you become part of their team, which means they will work hard towards helping you better be prepared for auditions, opportunities, and other things with this industry. The most important thing you can get is a headshot. From one of the YouTube videos they shared, their photographers provided talent with some great tips for better preparing for a photoshoot.

One of the tips that they shared was to make sure you arrive to the studio about 20 minutes before your scheduled time and to have a set of clothing ready. It’s important to bring several options of shirts, pants, and everything in between. Even costumes or specific outfits that you need to wear in a specific character if you feel you fit that role can make a big difference to how the shoot goes. It’s important to also bring your own hair and makeup, but the team at Nine9 will usually help handle all of this if you don’t have the right accessories. The color of the clothing you choose and bring should be very bright but also neutral. It should match your skin tone just right and help bring out the best of you in a photo. With the right clothes, lighting, and the perfect smile and look, you can nail that headshot down and learn more about Nine9.

They want you to treat this as a professional business because it definitely is still a business in the end. It’s important also to specifically move forward with Nine9 as a professional by having these taken as soon as possible and read full article.

Why are headshots so important? Nine9 is one great company to work with because they can help prepare you for all the work involved in this specific industry. Nine9 is very well respected because of how well they work with their artists and their talent in all of their studios across the nation. Work with Nine9 today and get the roles now.

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