Why Orange Coast College’s Rowing Team Inspires Admiration and Envy in Equal Measure

Institutions of higher learning compete on different fronts including sports, infrastructural development, adoption of technology, and of course academics. Orange Coast College (sometimes shortened to OCC) has established itself as a well-rounded college with a remarkable performance on all fronts. Last year, the community college’s rowing team—for the eleventh time—won a national title.
This year, the men’s rowing team participated in a regatta organized by the American Collegiate Rowing Association. The team under the stewardship of Coach Cameron Brown and his deputy, Steve Morris, emerged position nine. The impressive performance posted by the team signified many hours, resources, and effort invested in training. OCC has invested a lot in the water sport; the college, located in Orange County, has a modern boathouse, David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center, which houses modern rowing equipment including the state of the art boats that cost over $55,000.
In the run-up to the May 2017 regatta, the members of the OCC’s rowing team trained tirelessly with Morris by their side. The training undertaken on Newport Bay in Newport Beach commenced as early as 6:00 AM. Apparently, the water sport demands a lot of energy and some members who sign up for the training fail to complete the required number of sessions because of exhaustion (http://www.ocregister.com/2017/05/24/orange-coast-college-rowers-have-the-muscle-and-mindset-to-win-nationals/). Over half of those who sign up for training quit along the way. However, for students such as Daniel Amado (the captain of the team) and John Kinnear(outstanding oarsman of the year), rowing is a sport that inspires teamwork, mental, and physical growth. The two hope to continue with the sport even after they leave OCC. They derive inspiration from the likes of Morris and Craig Amerkhanian, former students who are scaling the heights of rowing.
Orange Coast College has a lot to show for its 60 years of active participation in rowing. Besides the 11 national titles, the college sent ten students to take part in world championships and the Olympics. Some members of the rowing team have gained admissions to prestigious universities such the Boston University, UC Berkeley, University of Washington, and Stanford among other respectable learning institutions.

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