Whitney Wolfe: The Bees Knees Of Bumble

Dating and friendship in the twenty-first century are two things that have come to pass under completely different circumstances. Unlike years past, people no longer have to have awkward conversations over fruity drinks at a sports bar; now, people are free to sip wine from their couches, and embark on relationships through the digital realm.

Whitney Wolfe is an avid supporter of this evolution of relationships, and she is also the founder of a website and mobile app known as “Bumble.” There, a person can contact other people based on pictures, biographies, interests, and location. Whitney Wolfe has amassed a small empire of people looking to make lasting relationships, and prides herself on maintaining an environment of kindness.

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Utah, to a salesman and a housewife. She spent her college years at Southern Methodist University, where she focused on International Studies. After graduating, she went abroad to help with international orphanages and homeless children.

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Recently, due to the rise in school shootings in the United States, Wolfe made an executive decision to ban profile pictures in which the person possessing the account is holding any kind of gun. However, Wolfe has also mentioned that people who are competitive sports shooters will be allowed to apply for an appeal to this rule.

This decision was not one made out of spite towards gun owners, nor was it made to further anyone’s political agenda. When Wolfe created the website in 2014, she wanted to foster a new kind of place that people could interact and get to know each other. These new rules will impact over thirty million people who utilize Bumble, and will be enforced by around five thousand moderators within the site. In the interview with the New York Times, Wolfe also mentioned that the way this is handled will be similar to the way they monitor accounts for pictures of suspected nudity. The company has also chosen, like many other companies in the last month, to cut business ties with the National Rifle Association.

This is not the first time that Bumble or Wolfe have come out in support of a nationwide movement- in late 2017, women began taking to social media (including Bumble) to shamelessly share their survival stories of sexual assault. Wolfe openly supported victims, and said that there’s “no room for shaming anyone” anymore.

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Whitney Wolfe Changes Direction of Dating Apps

Whitney Wolfe has become a major force in the world of dating apps. It may not have been her plan to become one of the most well-known people in the world of dating apps, but it has happened. Bumble is the app that she created, and people are finding her method to dating apps refreshing.

Bumble has been said to be a feminist version of the popular dating app called Tinder. It should be no surprise that there are some similarities between this and the Bumble app. Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder of Tinder so it only makes sense that she would adopt a platform that was similar to what her previous fans were used to. She has become one of the most intriguing people in the world of dating app programs that are designed for millennials. She has been a strong tower that is helping a good number of people see that all the apps are not the same. That is the common misconception, but that certainly is not the case when it comes to Bumble.

The best thing for the dating app here is innovation. This is what Whitney Wolfe recognized early. She has been in a place where she has seen the technology industry grow stagnant and she wanted to do something about it. That is why she has made it to the top in the dating industry. She made a choice to do something different, and this has helped her become a visionary for the dating app industry.

People are pleased with the way that Whitney Wolfe has managed to transform the industry. She has taken a concept that was familiar and put a unique spin in place to give life to the dating app industry again. Surprisingly, she is still under the age of 30.

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