Mike Baur’s Career in Business

Mike Baur is a businessman who is one of the co founders of Swiss Startup Factory. A few years ago, he started up and co founded one of the more innovative companies. He co founded Swiss Startup Factory which provides comprehensive consulting services to a number of new startup companies. Baur’s company specializes in helping businesses improve their operations as well as reach their various goals. While Baur has proven himself as an entrepreneur, he has spent his entire career working with startup businesses. He spent two decades in the banking industry and then another ten years investing in startup businesses. These experiences gave him the foundation for starting up his own company.


Mike co founded Swiss Startup Factory three years ago in order to assist new up and coming companies. The company was founded to help meet the market demand for entrepreneurs in need of guidance. Starting a new business can be quite difficult, and therefore Mike’s company helps with this transition. Swiss Startup Factory provides coaching and mentoring for a number of startup companies. It helps businesses with things such as financial management, marketing, general management and product development. The company takes on businesses by holding an event for them to present their business idea. Then Mike chooses the business with the most potential and provides assistance to them.


One of the more pivotal experiences Mike had that led to him becoming an entrepreneur was being an investor of startup companies. He spent a number of years putting his own money in a number of businesses. This proved to be a very lucrative venture for him as he would make a considerable amount of profits. As well as making high profits on a consistent basis, Mike would also gain more in depth experience and knowledge on how startup companies operate as well as how they can succeed. By having this experience, Mike would eventually decide to get involved in entrepreneurship himself.


When Mike started his business career, he worked for a number of banking firms. In the banking sector, Mike worked with a number of startup businesses that were looking for guidance. Most of these businesses were in need of funding in order to either start up their business or expand it. Mike helped them achieve these objectives by giving them advice on how to best reach their financial goals. He would also assess the business plan, market and profit potential and then recommend loans. With these loans, numerous businesses were able to meet their financial goals. Working in the banking sector provided Mike with some very valuable experience when it comes to working with new companies.


Glen Wakeman And His Superb Business Model

Glen Wakeman is the founder of a business company known as Launchpad Holdings. As its name implies, the company’s goal is to help business concepts turn into real companies through a set plan (Interview.net). Glen Wakeman’s primary area of business growth focuses on building leaders and maximizing its human capital functions. Wakeman has been building relationships and taking businesses from concept stage to the big platform for over 20 years, and one of the most famous businesses he built is Nova Four, a subsidiary of GE Capital. But Glen Wakeman has gone beyond that to turning capital into key investments for major financial firms.

Glen Wakeman got his business education at the University of Chicago from where he holds an MBA in economics and finance. He started in the business growth strategies department of GE Capital and soon was helping subsidiaries emerge from under GE’s roof. While Glen Wakeman was still there, the company Board of Directors honored him for building a model for growth and leadership. . Glen Wakeman managed over $15 billion in funds and also offered advisory services through merger and acquisition deals, and utilizing strategies for over 17,000 employees. He later became CEO and Chairman of the entire company and also traveled overseas several times.

Glen Wakeman decided to join the startup investing industry. Launchpad Holdings has a software-as-a-service system that organizes a business’s financial and marketing strategies, and provides information on how entrepreneurs can take the concept to venture capital suppliers. Wakeman is also one of the key advisors to two startup companies known as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded, and from time to time he’ll host seminars on executing business strategies.

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