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Current research shows that 1 in 7 middle-aged adults are financially supporting both their aging parents and their own children. This growing demographic is called the “Sandwich Generation.” They are called this because they are sandwiched between trying to support their parents and their kids, while also trying to save for retirement.


There are things you can do to alleviate this heavy burden. First, you should put saving for retirement above everything else. Continually put money in and resist the urge to dip into savings to get money for other financial needs. Second, get started earlier when it comes to preparing for tuition costs and for your adult children returning home after graduation. The rising increase in tuition and the resulting massive student debt is the primary reason many graduates return home after graduation. Third, you really need to understand your parents’ finances and health care.


HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that was founded in 1988. Since that time, the firm has been fully committed to helping clients successfully reach their financial goals. They are focused on helping people in any walk of life develop a financial plan for a brighter future for them and their families. There are so many things that can happen in life that require a financial strategy.

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Avatrade Review: Strengths And Virtues

Previously regarded as AvaFx for its initial focus on the Forex Market, Ava Trade is a tool for investors of multiple countries to invest in their portfolios and attain financial acumen through the use of the various assets the now versatile exchange offers to the community globally. As of to this very day they hold offices in eleven known countries on the map and cater to two hundred thousand accounts which are active and currently up and running today.

They have a reachability made only possible by the information highway, and any device which has the capability to connect to cyberspace is, in fact, a portal for users to place trades in whatever location they happen to be at.

They execute an average expectancy of just about two million trades total per twenty-eight to thirty days, and they proudly possess a shocking sixty billion dollar appraisal to their foundation. As of recent Ava Trade also accommodates their clientele of consumers with five days of twenty-four-hour services with an average of reaching callers within the span of a five-minute time frame.

This was in part due and responsible to the one hundred and twenty-nine phone tests conducted in the measure of three months by AvaTrade. They are also performing research on trading which is indicative to their initiation of Dupli Trade Platform, which essentially is a utilization people may acquire to invest according to their social circle and therefore reap a better return on investment. They have also released an app which brings an ease of use to certain people who are on the go and still want to trade on their device via the network. New users report not having a difficult experience when placing orders and also note that the overall operations of the app work fairly smoothly.

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Ryan Seacrest Talks About How His Impatience Helps Him Through His Day

Before he became famous across the country Ryan Seacrest had a local radio show in Los Angeles, California. It was this show that led to him being chosen as the host of American Idol in 2002. He has since gone on to have a great number of jobs all going on at the same time. He hosts many events, has a production studio, has a radio and tv show, has made a movie appearance in “Knocked Up” playing himself, and he released a line of formal wear for men among other things.

Ryan Seacrest says that his impatience serves him in keeping up with all of this activity. He says he gets things done quickly and then moves right on to the next thing. He says his day is very efficient, such as his never having a lunch meeting. He doesn’t like to waste his time traveling to a restaurant. Instead, he eats where he is which either comes out of a plastic container or he eats a shake if he feels like he looks too heavy that week.

His clothing line is called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He says that for years he had Burberry’s Christopher Bailey crafting his suits. He decided to start his own line of men’s formal wear which Bailey helped him out on. Ryan Seacrest partnered with the retail chain Macy’s to sell this clothing.

“On Air With Ryan Seacrest” started in February 2004. This radio shows broadcasts lives and people around the world listen to it. It is on from 6 am to 10 am Pacific Time each weekday. He covers news and entertainment on this show along with a couple of co-hosts who are Sisanie and Tanya Rad. These are assembled into podcasts with some of the latest ones being “Is Venmo Dating a Thing?” and “A Listener Had A Good Idea For Our Baby Bet” (his co-host Sisanie is pregnant). He taped this show in a studio in Burbank just outside of Los Angeles for several years. Now that he has moved to New York City he now uses a radio studio located in Manhattan.

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The Agenda and Determination of Betsy DeVos

The New York Times reported that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos met with a group of gay and transgender employees to give them notice before President Trump discarded a federal policy that allowed transgender students to use the school bathrooms that corresponded with their gender identities. While she told the group that she opposed the move and is said to have actually done so, she has not gone public with her opposition. Further, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, she criticized the previous transgender-friendly policy as an example of Obama-era overreach.


Despite her personal friendliness and her reluctance to challenge Trump publicly, Ms. DeVos is known to contend aggressively for her causes. In particular, she has long been an advocate for charter schools and school vouchers. While her critics cast her as an enemy of public schools, she argues the case that competition and choice drive educational quality.


Ms. DeVos is not without resources to back up her political advocacy. Born to a father who ran a billion-dollar auto parts company and supported Christian conservative causes, she has been a Michigan Republican Party chairwoman and a major Republican donor. Her husband, Dick DeVos, whose father founded Amway, came from an even wealthier family and ran for governor of Michigan in 2006. Although her wealth is an obvious asset, her influence has been equally attributed to her determination.


Due in large part to Ms. DeVos’ efforts, Detroit has the largest concentration of charter schools in the country. However, these schools have suffered from poor performance, disproportionately low demand, and arguably inadequate oversight while the city’s public schools have continued to decline. Ms. DeVos, who supports schools operated by for-profit companies and opposes holding them to performance standards, argues that parents’ decisions about where to send their children should be the primary evaluation criterion. Accordingly, she successfully fought bipartisan legislation that would have established protocols for permitting new charter schools and closing failing ones.


Secretary DeVos’ broad support for school choice includes the diversion of public funds both for charter schools and for vouchers for private and religious schools. According to the Washington Post, during her tenure as education secretary, she has made numerous promotional visits to a variety of public, charter, and private schools. Among these visits was an appearance with the rapper Pitbull at one of a number of charter schools he has started.


Having barely survived a contentious confirmation process that led to public ridicule of her in the media, Secretary DeVos is aware of the criticisms of her. Unlike the president, she does not publicly challenge her critics, and she even makes jokes about her perceived gaffes. In spite of this, it is said that opposition emboldens her, and she is often underestimated. While she came to Washington without government experience or close ties to the president, her supporters and critics both see her as formidable enough to spread her influence in Michigan to Washington.


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Dallas, Cosmetic Surgery & The Brazilian Butt Lift Revolution

The city of Dallas is back in the news, but this time, it’s back in the news for good reasons. There is a high number of plastic surgeons in the city. There are also a high number of medical facilities here. Butt lift surgery is big business in Texas’s third-largest city and if you’re seeking a high-quality butt lift, this is definitely the place to be. The Brazilian butt lift is one of the kings of minimal-invasive surgery. For those who want to partake in this endeavor, you will need some extra body fat. Why? Brazilian butt lifts and liposuction goes hand-to-hand. In order to augment the buttocks, fat will be needed, and this fat will have to come from somewhere else on your body.


Filling-out your frame, especially in the rear-end, is what this procedure will provide. Whether you’re slender, or whether you’re of average size, just about anyone can benefit from butt lift surgery. Though anyone is allowed to seek service, women tend to be the main customers of this particular procedure. Some things to consider would be:


  • Consulting with various cosmetic surgeons



  • You’re not a prime-candidate if you’re taking excessive amounts of medications


  • Excessive sagging skin is a no-no


  • No dieting should be considered before & after treatments



Butt lift surgery is a customizable procedure and your surgeon will work as an artist. By discussing exactly what it is that you’re seeking, the surgeon will do his/her best to personify the results. In most cases, patients will surely get a better butt that demands attention. The Brazilian butt lift, cosmetic surgery and the city of Dallas is leading by example as well as setting newer and better trends.


Lacey and Larkin: American human rights activists

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are human activists in the United States. They are some of the legendary human rights activists who have assisted the United States to attain the status of being a leading nation in the world in tackling the human rights violations menace.

For the last four decades, they have been operating in the country with the intention of making the country even better in dealing with issues related to human rights violations. Lacey and Larkin are from the state of Arizona and are some of the people who have been leading the state in fighting against violation of immigrants’ rights.

Lacey and Larkin are dedicated to the work of fighting for human rights in the country. Since they left the Arizona state university, they made it a mission to fight discrimination of the migrant’s community living in the state of Arizona.

For a long time, the immigrants living in the United States were treated like second-hand human beings. Many natives did not accord them the respect they deserve this was one of the ways through which discrimination was perpetrated.

Lacey and Larkin were sorry to see people who had no mistake apart from being migrants in the United States being put in jail or being denied services. The move was ill-intentioned, and the immigrant community was going through a challenging time in the history of their movement into the United States. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Lacey and Larkin had themselves gone through the same discrimination which they are now condemning. Lacey and Larkin had been arrested by officers sent by the sheriff of Maricopa County called Joe Arpaio. This was the sheriff behind the worst cases of human discrimination in recent past.

The level of discrimination that he put immigrants through was horrible. He made sure that none of them was able to live in the country freely in the manner in which they wanted.

Lacey and Larkin followed up on the cases that were associated with Arpaio, and this is the reason why he arrested them. The good thing about Lacey and Larkin is that they knew their rights.

They took the matter to the relevant authorities, and the courts acted on Joe Arpaio. He was found guilty of acts of racial profiling. He was warned against perpetuating such acts. Lacey and Larkin were given a compensation of $3.75 million to assist them to recover from the trauma and discrimination that they went through after their arrest.

Lacey and Larkin have dedicated their whole lives to helping the immigrants in the state get what is rightful for them. There is no human being who should not be given a chance to live happily despite being an immigrant. With the money they got from the courts, Lacey and Larkin decided that the best thing they could do was to give back to the community.

They gave the money back to support the activities of fighting discrimination of the immigrants. They started an organization called Frontera Fund to support the activities of other human rights organizations in the state which could not afford to put up a campaign.

As prior winner of the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition, Paul Mampilly has a good name for investing as a once, active, hedge fund manager, and as the brains behind the Profits Unlimited service.

After moving to the United States from India when he was very young, Paul Mampilly started a career in finance, in 1991, as an assistant portfolio manager with Banker’s Trust. Mr. Mampilly ended up managed hundreds of millions of dollars for both Deutsche Bank, and at ING Group, after leaving Banker’s Trust. Mampilly has 25 years of experience in business, and has been a featured guest on Fox Business News, Kiplingers, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and others.

In 2006, Paul Mampilly joined the company, Kinetics Asset Management. Not soon after being hired by Kinetics Asset Management, Mampilly increased the assets of this new firm to $25 billion dollars, up from the initial $6 billion. While at Kinetics Asset Management, he managed the Royal Bank of Scotland’s account, the Sears account, and Swiss bank accounts. In 2009, Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation by turning a $50 million dollar investment into $88 million.

At 42, Paul Mampilly decided to retire, and spend more time with his family, so he relocated to North Carolina. Mampilly is currently the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited, one of his three newsletters available through Banyan Hill Publishing. Besides Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly runs Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum newsletters. Follow Paul Mampilly on Twitter.

Profits Unlimited is an advisory service that Wall Street hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly, created. In March, 2017, it was noted that Paul Mampilly’s research service, Profits Unlimited, had hit a major milestone, with a total of 60,000 subscribers. This was an extraordinary feat for Mamphilly, to be known as having one of the fastest increasing newsletters in this niche. Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016.

Banyan Hill Publishing, which was founded in 1998, is a research firm and subsidiary of Agora, Inc. Banyan Hill Publishing, which is an investment research company that has earned $80 million in sales, provides key financial strategies for subscribers to strategize, protect, and accrue wealth.

Paul Mampilly’s education included an MBA earned at Fordham University, New York, in 1996. Since Mampilly has hatched Profits Unlimited, some of the stocks that he has recommended have increased as much as 56 percent, 64 percent, and 73 percent. Mampilly emphasized that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be a key part of the future technology revolution, and that companies should focus on areas like precision medicine.



Sheldon Lavin From Humble Beginnings to OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin is a true self-made success. He began as a consultant to food companies and now runs and operates one of the world’s most successful. When he originally joined OSI Group, he was a mere consultant. He advised the people in charge on important matters relating to expansion and growth. In the 1970s, OSI group went through a major stage of growth thanks to the plans laid out by Lavin. OSI Group has continued to expand; Sheldon Lavin has worked his way up to CEO of the company, and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

When Lavin was asked how he got his first customer he simply said, “[OSI Group] needed capital. I had the resources.”


Global Visionary Award

The Global Visionary Award is an award from India’s Vision World Academy. The award recognizes individuals who are innovative in their field and have been able to excel expectations in order to turn dreams to reality. Potential recipients of the award must have perseverance and the persistence required to accomplish their dreams. In 2016 Sheldon Lavin was honored with the Global Visionary Award, and resume him.


About OSI Group

OSI Group has a long, stories history dating back to over 100 years ago. It was founded in 1909 and was originally called Otto & Sons. Sheldon Lavin has assisted in growing OSI Group to have over 65 buildings and partners worldwide. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Food Solutions Spain, the OSI Group partner out of Spain has recently ramped up chicken production. Through the use of a brand new high capacity production line with newer, better equipment, OSI Food Solutions Spain is now producing 24,000 tons of chicken per year.

A new plant was also purchased locally. OSI Group purchased an old Tyson production plant in Chicago in 2016.

OSI Group also purchased Baho Food, Flagship Europe, and Hynek Schlachthof in recent years; they have expanded beyond borders and now have international reach, and read full article.

What Felipe Montoro Jens Sees As Major Goals for a Start-Up

Many people have interest in starting a company. Starting a successful business allows people to increase their income. Brazil is a dynamic country with a thriving economy. Business owners from all over the world want to start a company in Brazil.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a successful business owner in Brazil. He made numerous mistakes in the early part of his career. These mistakes taught him valuable lessons that he uses each day.

Numerous industries offer an excellent opportunity for growth in the future. Picking a growing industry is one of the most critical aspects of starting a company. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens


Brazil is a growing country with a developing banking system. It is much harder to get a business loan in Brazil than other nations. When Felipe Montoro Jens started his first company, he struggled to borrow money for the project.

He saw a great business opportunity to start a lending company. He wanted to make the lending process easier on other people. Felipe Montoro Jens decided to offer business loans to customers at a reasonable interest rate.

Before borrowing money, business owners should have a written business plan for the future. Some people wrongly assume that borrowing money is required when starting a company.

Helping Others

Although Felipe Montoro Jens is a successful business owner with a busy schedule, he still finds time to help others. He is involved in mentoring young people in his local community. He also teaches business classes at a local college. He firmly believes that successful business owners should use their resources to help other people. With all of the growth in Brazil, now is a great time to start a company. Business owners should get advice from people like Felipe Montoro Jens before starting a business. Working with a business mentor is a proven way to reduce mistakes.

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Bruno Fagali’s Advice Of Advertising Law In Brazil

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a trendsetting law attorney in Sao Paolo, Brazil with a law firm named after him. He is a specialist in the field of administrative law and has worked there for several years creating an exceptional repute for himself.

Before he founded the Fagali Advocacy agency, he worked for several law firms in Brazil for more than a decade earning expertise in a variety of disciplines associated with the law including compliance, advertising, and journalism law. Other than his private practice at his agency, Fagali also works as a Corporate Integrity Manager for an establishment by the name Nova/SB.

Mr. Bruno Fagali has an outstanding educational background with a law degree and a certificate in Administrative law from Sao Paulo’s Pontifical Catholic University and an additional Masters in State law from the Sao Paulo University which he attained three years ago. Bruno is always on a quest for further knowledge in law hence his continued pursuit of further education.

Throughout his career, Bruno has involved himself in providing solutions for corporations with law issues. His specialty is in helping companies rise from adversaries and law scandals. Recently, following the increase in unlawfulness in Brazil’s advertising system, Bruno Fagali has stepped in to guide advertising agencies in ways to avoid sensitive matters related to law.

The advertising agencies in Brazil have become subjects for federal investigations by the United States due to issues of corruption and malpractice. Usually, the agencies get incentives through bonuses from the companies they work for and with such methods of incentives come the issue of corruption as it is easy to manipulate the process. Ethics require that the agencies document any forms of payment in a contract that is to be signed by all parties involved and that the agencies strictly stick to the terms of the agreement to avoid issues. Bruno Fagali advised the advertising agencies to be careful in receiving any forms of payments that are not stipulated in the contracts as the contract will act as evidence in such investigations in favor of the agencies. His involvement with Nova which is an advertising agency made his stepping in crucial for the industry.

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