Guilherme Paulus Uses His Experience As A Tour Operator To Become A Hotelier

Guilherme Paulus went from being an intern at IBM after college into becoming one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs in Brazil. He started his first firm, CVC Brasil, just a few years after earning his bachelor’s degree. He says he didn’t come up with the idea for this business but rather Carlos Vicente Cerchiari did, a person that at the time was a Sao Paulo state deputy.He built CVC Brasil into the most successful tour operator in that country. He offered tour packages, airplane travel, and stays at hotels to both Brazilians and international travelers. He is now the chairman of this company’s board of advisors and sold most of his shares to Carlyle Group. However, with 7.1 percent of the shares, he is still by far the biggest individual owner.

He recently renamed this company as CVC Corp. In order to compete better with the competition, he and the expert executive team expanded into more areas and specialties of travel. Guilherme Paulus says that his company has a department that is specifically focused on newlyweds and ecotourists, for example. as well as another one that is all about corporate travel and what businessmen need while traveling to and staying in Brazil.After developing so much experience as a tour operator Guilherme Paulus became a successful hotelier. In 1995 he opened GJP Hotels & Resorts and is its president and chairman. This company owns and operates 3-, 4-, and 5-star hotels across Brazil.

He has 20 hotels and resorts in this network which can offer everything from very budget friendly to money is no concern stays.Golfers should definitely check out Hotel Saint Andrews while a business travelers will be at home at Prodigy Berrini in Sao Paulo.Guilherme Paulus is hard at work on a new property development in Sao Paulo. this property is being built on the exclusive street Avenida Cidade Jardim. This is a luxury property development that will include 65 apartment units, a high-end restaurant, a large space for functions, and a rooftop terrace among other amenities. This will be a new hotel brand of GJP Hotels and Resorts that focuses on places people will live at.

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