Shervin Pishevar Doesn’t Like Where the American Economy Is Headed

In February 2018, Shervin Pishevar decided to vent through social media. Specifically, he spent 21 hours posting to Twitter about a variety of economic topics. These topics ranged from the future price of Bitcoin to why Elon Musk is the only true visionary left in the United States. Let’s take a closer look at these and some of the other points that he made during his Twitter rant.

Put Your Money In Gold

If you are looking for an investment that is going to remain relatively stable in 2018, you should put your money in gold. This is because the price of Bitcoin could fall all the way to $2,000 before it shows any signs of stabilizing and rising in value again. Furthermore, the stock market is likely to lose 6000 points before it finally stabilizes and potentially starts to gain ground again.

We Need Long-Term Plans to Maintain Our Global Superiority

Shervin Pishevar is critical of the fact that the government in the United States does not prioritize long-term thinking over short-term gains. However, he does believe that Elon Musk is one of the rare visionaries that remains in the United States. Shervin Pishevar points to Musk’s work with SpaceX and with the Boring Company as proof that he is able to create things that will have an impact on future generations.

Large Companies Have Too Much Control

Shervin Pishevar is also critical of the fact that several large companies have so much control over the startup landscape in the United States. He believes that Uber is likely the last true American startup business that will be able to transition from startup to mature business.

Because there is so little competition as it relates to startups in the United States, it is likely that fewer companies will be founded in Silicon Valley while more will be founded in other countries. Ultimately, this may result in California losing its place as the dominant spot to start new companies.

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