Jason Hope: Supporting innovations

Jason Hope loves research, and he is always aspiring to support research works which have the potential to solve human problems. He deals with matters of technology, and therefore his wish is to see how technology solve human problems. He is ready to support research which he feels have an impact on the people. He is also known as a futurist because he likes analyzing what is likely to happen in the future. He has been commentating about the internet of things as well as supporting anti-aging drug research. He believes these will be two major changes that will affect human life significantly. Read more about Jason Hope at Wings Journal.

The internet of things

IoT is the ability of devices to connect to the internet. This technology allows devices to connect to the internet and share information amongst themselves. When devices connect to the internet, they are able to receive and implement commands without guan intervention. For instance, lights can automatically switch themselves on and off even without the intervention of human beings. This technology has long been coming, and Jason hope has been talking about it although few listened to what he had to say about the issue. Many thought that it was not possible, but now they are realizing that indeed it is. Already IoT is being implemented. It is expected that over 25 billion devices that can connect to the internet will be available in the world by 2020.

Anti-aging research

Jason Hope is also supporting anti-aging research and other rejuvenation biotechnologies that are aimed at coming up with a drug that will give human beings longer and healthy lives, we all know that human bodies get weak as we get old. The impact is normally an attack by numerous old age diseases. These diseases can, however, be prevented if we have an anti-aging drug. Such drugs can reduce the chances of some old age diseases affecting human beings.

Jason Hope has already made some significant contributions in supporting the anti-aging research. He has given half a million dollars to an organization known as SENS Research Foundation. This foundation is in advanced stages of coming up with an anti-aging drug.

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