The Contribution of the FRONTERA FUND in the Society

Inequality and injustice are slowly becoming the norm of the society. It is such a shame that a majority in the nation is embracing discrimination based on colour and other minor factors. The insult to the injury is that some leaders are on the leading line of the inequality. Joe Arpaio has been the sheriff of the Maricopa County for more than two decades. However, his time in the position is not remembered with joy by many individuals.

Lacey and Larkin have a deep history with the sheriff. They vividly remember the torture that they went through in the hands of the sheriff. It was at midnight when Arpaio’s goons went knocking on their doors. They were both arrested and taken to an unknown location.

Joe arrested the two journalists after they published a story of his evil deeds. Joe had banned the duo from attending his conferences. The determined journalists still managed to dig and get his dirt. When the readers saw the publishing, they thought they were crazy. Joe was a respectable individual in the society, and no one would ever try to get his way.

As expected, Arpaio was not happy with the developments. When he heard the news, he reacted by arresting them. The civilians demonstrated, and the two were released in less than 24 hours. They pushed further and filed a case against the sheriff. The arrest was considered unlawful, and the two were compensated generously with a lump sum of $3.75 million.

Larkin says that he grew in Arizona and he was taught the importance of showing compassion to the needy in the society. He says that although most politicians blamed all the problems in the society on the immigrants, he saw the struggle they went through to walk through the deserts to get to Arizona in search of opportunities. He saw this as determination and decided to help them.

Together with Lacey, they formed the Frontera Fund with the apprehension compensation they received. The Frontera Fund helps the immigrants in the society live a dignified life. They also support other foundations who share their dream. They aim at seeing that the civil and human rights are implemented. They also work to see that the freedom of expression is fair to all the people in the society.

The Frontera Fund has improved the lifestyle of the immigrants in the society. They have significantly contributed in restoring their dignity in the community.


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