Bruno Fagali’s Advice Of Advertising Law In Brazil

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a trendsetting law attorney in Sao Paolo, Brazil with a law firm named after him. He is a specialist in the field of administrative law and has worked there for several years creating an exceptional repute for himself.

Before he founded the Fagali Advocacy agency, he worked for several law firms in Brazil for more than a decade earning expertise in a variety of disciplines associated with the law including compliance, advertising, and journalism law. Other than his private practice at his agency, Fagali also works as a Corporate Integrity Manager for an establishment by the name Nova/SB.

Mr. Bruno Fagali has an outstanding educational background with a law degree and a certificate in Administrative law from Sao Paulo’s Pontifical Catholic University and an additional Masters in State law from the Sao Paulo University which he attained three years ago. Bruno is always on a quest for further knowledge in law hence his continued pursuit of further education.

Throughout his career, Bruno has involved himself in providing solutions for corporations with law issues. His specialty is in helping companies rise from adversaries and law scandals. Recently, following the increase in unlawfulness in Brazil’s advertising system, Bruno Fagali has stepped in to guide advertising agencies in ways to avoid sensitive matters related to law.

The advertising agencies in Brazil have become subjects for federal investigations by the United States due to issues of corruption and malpractice. Usually, the agencies get incentives through bonuses from the companies they work for and with such methods of incentives come the issue of corruption as it is easy to manipulate the process. Ethics require that the agencies document any forms of payment in a contract that is to be signed by all parties involved and that the agencies strictly stick to the terms of the agreement to avoid issues. Bruno Fagali advised the advertising agencies to be careful in receiving any forms of payments that are not stipulated in the contracts as the contract will act as evidence in such investigations in favor of the agencies. His involvement with Nova which is an advertising agency made his stepping in crucial for the industry.

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