Roberto Santiago: The Man behind Manaira Shopping Mall Brazil

Roberto Santiago is considered to be the true definition of a successful investor in a market that is full of challenges. When Santiago was growing up, he was always keen on watching the investments that were being made in the country. The businessman watched some of the most successful individuals in the country when he was young, and he decided to follow their footsteps. Many years later, the renowned businessman is happy that he chose to invest in this area. Despite the challenges he has to deal with when making a new move, Roberto Santiago is happy because he has made it in life. The fifty eight-year-old investor was always interested in business when he was growing up in Joao Pessoa. When he went to school at the Pio X Marist College, his parents allowed him to pursue the career he was interested in. However, when he graduated from the learning institution, the investor decided to join the University of Joao Pessoa where he acquired better and more advanced skills in business. The skills he was impacted with when in the prestigious university have made him the businessman he is at the moment.


Unlike most people who like to venture into the corporate world for formal employment after completing their university education, Roberto Santiago had better dreams for himself. The businessman felt that he was equipped with the right academics to make him successful in business. After conducting a lot of research in the Brazilian market, the young man realized that manufacturing companies that were based in Joao Pessoa lacked proper packaging materials for their products. Roberto Santiago decided to take charge of the situation and give the consumers the packaging products that would suit their needs. The investor made numerous wealth from this simple company that was only serving the companies in the area.


Roberto Santiago’s career changed several decades ago when he invested in real estate. After making some money from the packaging company, Roberto bought land that he constructed one of the leading shopping malls that is found in the country. Although the mall took several months to be completed, it has given Brazilians and other people the kind of shopping experience they have been interested in for years. Unlike other malls that have few facilities, the Manaira Shopping Mall is considered to be ideal for the people who need a real family experience.


The Manaira Shopping Mall has focused on the modern features when introducing its facilities. The gym and theater make people from all over the country to come and have the fun of their lives. The tasty and affordable food attracts very many individuals in the large nation. There are banking services and colleges, and that is an added advantage for the facility.

Husssain Sajwani Shares His Appreciation Of President Donald Trump

Following his election to The White House in 2016, President Donald Trump imposed a ban on all new foreign deals to avoid as many conflicts of interest as possible over the coming years. One business partner who felt he could wait for the President to finish his term in The White House before renewing their business relationship is Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner who has built a strong working relationship with the Trump organization across the 21st-century including two new golf course based resorts.


Starting in 2002, the Hussain Sajwani family has been at the heart of the success of the luxury real estate markets in Dubai and across the Middle East. The DAMAC Properties group works to provide the highest possible level of luxury for individuals who are looking to live at a luxurious location with many of the units offered by the company located in tower blocks for safety and the largest number of amenities possible.


In 2017, the focus for Hussain Sajwani switched to providing resort-style living options based around a central golf course at the two newest locations of the brand which has enhanced the focus on the relationship between Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump. Bringing the most respected individuals possible to the construction of these two initial golf course resorts included the employment of Tiger Woods as the architect of the courses which are located around various amenities and impressive Beverly Hills-style villas and condos.


The approach to the business of Hussain Sajwani has always remained focused on creating as little debt as possible over the course of the construction of any luxury accommodation. Sajwani believes each project should be self-sufficient as he saw many of his rivals in the luxury real estate market fall by the wayside over the course of the 2008 global economic crisis because they used loans and funding from various projects outside what the funds were earmarked for. In contrast, the business model developed by DAMAC Properties sees each project given its own account and must be fully funded before construction begins.


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