The Outstanding Career Of Dr. Jennifer Walden in the Field of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery has gained a lot of traction in the recent days. With celebrities spotting various cosmetic surgery procedures such face-lifts, breast augmentations and rhinoplasties, many have borrowed a leaf which has led to the mainstreaming of this field of medicine.

With the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeons are becoming one of the most sought-after medical experts. Jennifer Walden is one of the plastic surgeons who are in high demand. Jennifer Walden knows that she is a rarity in the profession given that she is one of the few females who are making it big in a male-dominated industry.

Dr. Jennifer Waldens possesses enough expertise and experience to handle various delicate cosmetic surgery procedures such as face-lifts, breast and hip augmentations and rhinoplasties. She is a registered member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. ASAPS is one of the primary professional organizations that qualified cosmetic surgeons to join and more information click here.

Dr. Jennifer Waldens brings with her the feminine touch to an industry that was initially perceived as male-only. Part of the reasons why most women shy away from this profession is because it takes a lot of time for one to become a qualified cosmetic surgeon. It takes over a decade of studying and practicing medicine for one to become a plastic surgeon. On the part of women, this would mean that they have to delay their plans to bear and raise children for them to become plastic surgeons and learn more about Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Having worked in the field of cosmetic surgery for quite some time, Jennifer Walden can authoritatively say that it’s more advantageous for a client to be handled by a female plastic surgeon because the understand the female body more than their male counterparts.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is undoubtedly one of the most qualified plastic surgeons of her time. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Jennifer Walden is committed to ensuring that her clients receive the best medical care whenever they want a cosmetic surgery procedure administered to them. Jennifer runs her practice in Austin, Texas to make sure that her twin boys grow near her and Jennifer Walden’s lacrosse camp.

Mike Baur’s Career in Business

Mike Baur is a businessman who is one of the co founders of Swiss Startup Factory. A few years ago, he started up and co founded one of the more innovative companies. He co founded Swiss Startup Factory which provides comprehensive consulting services to a number of new startup companies. Baur’s company specializes in helping businesses improve their operations as well as reach their various goals. While Baur has proven himself as an entrepreneur, he has spent his entire career working with startup businesses. He spent two decades in the banking industry and then another ten years investing in startup businesses. These experiences gave him the foundation for starting up his own company.


Mike co founded Swiss Startup Factory three years ago in order to assist new up and coming companies. The company was founded to help meet the market demand for entrepreneurs in need of guidance. Starting a new business can be quite difficult, and therefore Mike’s company helps with this transition. Swiss Startup Factory provides coaching and mentoring for a number of startup companies. It helps businesses with things such as financial management, marketing, general management and product development. The company takes on businesses by holding an event for them to present their business idea. Then Mike chooses the business with the most potential and provides assistance to them.


One of the more pivotal experiences Mike had that led to him becoming an entrepreneur was being an investor of startup companies. He spent a number of years putting his own money in a number of businesses. This proved to be a very lucrative venture for him as he would make a considerable amount of profits. As well as making high profits on a consistent basis, Mike would also gain more in depth experience and knowledge on how startup companies operate as well as how they can succeed. By having this experience, Mike would eventually decide to get involved in entrepreneurship himself.


When Mike started his business career, he worked for a number of banking firms. In the banking sector, Mike worked with a number of startup businesses that were looking for guidance. Most of these businesses were in need of funding in order to either start up their business or expand it. Mike helped them achieve these objectives by giving them advice on how to best reach their financial goals. He would also assess the business plan, market and profit potential and then recommend loans. With these loans, numerous businesses were able to meet their financial goals. Working in the banking sector provided Mike with some very valuable experience when it comes to working with new companies.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco And Bradesco Are Leaders In Brazilian Banking

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has grown up in his career with Bradesco and has developed the business skill and acumen to successfully lead his company down the road of prosperity. Bradesco happens to be one of Brazil’s largest, private banks and they play a vital role in the national economy.

Trabuco, as he is called in his business life, began working for Bradesco in his hometown of Marília in 1969. He started his professional life as a clerk and has steadily progressed through the ranks of the company to his present position of CEO. He has served in many different divisions of Bradesco and has accumulated great banking knowledge with each chapter of his service.

Education was a priority for Luiz Carlos Trabuco and he attended the University of São Paulo and graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters. While Trabuco eschewed the traditional path of Business and Finance that most bankers take, he has nevertheless developed great expertise in banking that is demonstrated by his rise to the top spot at Bradesco.

An examination of a mega-deal that Trabuco initiated is warranted due to its blockbuster nature that sent shock waves reverberating throughout the Brazilian world of finance. In 2015, he supervised the acquisition of the Brazilian branch of HSBC for US $ 5.2 billion. At a stroke, Trabuco helped Bradesco gain what would take six years to achieve with organic growth. For this reason, he received a most significant honor as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance bestowed upon him by DINHEIRO. Additionally, Bradesco was once again competing for the top spot in private Brazilian banking.

That’s not the only honor that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has received, however. His service at Bradesc’s Insurance division is noteworthy in its own right. The unit realized tremendous growth under Trabuco’s leadership and the profits earned had a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. They consolidated their leadership in the Brazilian market as well as Latin America. This fine performance by Trabuco brought his name into prominent discussions for the CEO position. He was named twice as the Insurance Personality of the Year in this regard.

Earlier in his career, Trabuco was the head of the marketing division and he made his mark here as well. For the first time, he opened up Bradesco to publicity and established relations with the financial press. He demonstrated a modern approach with this reform and it gave Bradesco greater exposure as a result.

The implementation of a company university for Bradesco is another innovation put forth by Luiz Carlos Trabuco. This allowed him and other high-ranking executives to determine those employees who have great potential for banking. This allows Bradesco to promote and develop top talent from within to prepare for the years to come.

The position of CEO at Bradesco carries with it prestige and no little responsibility. His opinion is often sought after by business and political figures alike. Some of Brazil’s most expensive projects are financed by Bradesco and the CEO has a great effect on Brazilian economic life.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco downplays the outward trappings of wealth and success. He avoids an ostentatious demeanor and dresses in a conservative, business fashion. He is soft-spoken with a ready smile and appreciates his employees as he’s risen through the ranks and served at every level himself. He is happily married with three children.

Trabuco was selected as Bradesco’s CEO in 2009 and helped them through a time of economic deterioration especially in the Finance sector. Despite this inauspicious start, Trabuco has provided a steady hand of leadership and Bradesco enjoys a state of health in their operations which is truly enviable.

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Eli Gershkovitch in the Canadian Craft Beer Industry

Canadians are huge beer consumers with statistics showing that the average Canadian consumes 80 liters. Due to this, the Canadian craft beer industry has grown and takes a huge market share of the beer industry in the world. Steamworks Craft Breweries is a key player in the craft beer industry in Canada ( Headed by Eli Gershkovitch, the company’s produces craft beers like Kölsch, Jasmine, Pilsner, India Pale Ale, White Angel IPA, Black Angel IPA, Heroica Red Ale and their signature Pale ale.


The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company is also one of the best craft beer companies in Canada. It is situated in Canmore, Alberta. Their famous beer flavors include light bodied pilsners, raspberry ale, and malty nut brown beers. The Muskoka Brewery is located in Muskoka, Ontario. The brewery takes pride in making their beers with the freshest product and purest ingredients. Their Muskoka Cream ale is a favorite in Muskoka. The company has also added more flavors to their beer list such as hoppy IPA, chocolate raspberry and dark winter stouts.

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Garrison Brewery has continued to produce its signature Irish red ale. They have more flavors to sample from including IPA, Nut Browns and raspberry wheats. Another interesting brewery would have to be the Church-Key brewery in Campbell ford in Ontario. It is actually lodged in a Methodist Church and has been operational for 15 years.


When Paddock Wood Brewing Company’s founder, Steve Cavan, relocated to Saskatchewan in western Canada he realized there was no craft beer in the area. He then started his own craft beer company and its products are now in supply in many establishments in western Canada.


Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO and founder of Steamworks Craft Breweries. He, however, did not start his career right away in the beer industry. He studied law and graduated with a degree. Nevertheless, Eli Gershkovitch dropped law to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and founded his own company.


His interest came from a trip he took to a microbrewery in Heidelberg, Germany where he got a taste of Belgian beer and its production. Eli Gershkovitch’s law degree has however not gone to waste. While practicing, he became familiar with liquor license laws and this is what has helped him set up and run Steamworks Craft Breweries.

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Nathaniel Ru and the Success at Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru was only a student when he stumbled upon what would soon turn out to be a hugely profitable idea. Ru and a few fellow classmates, including Theresa Dold, would brainstorm the concept for a farm-to-table restaurant that catered to food-conscious people. They ruminated on concepts together while taking classes at Georgetown University before falling on what we now know as Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is an all natural, community-minded restaurant that serves up fresh, healthy, and delicious salads to people at 21 different locations throughout the Northeast region of the United States. The growth of Sweetgreen is something that all young entrepreneurs should pay attention to because it is sparking a new way of life in the busy world of business.


The truth is that there is almost no way that Sweetgreen should have been able to find success so early on. Nathaniel Ru and his two co-founders were fresh out of college armed with nothing but ambition and a business plan. When Ru and co. found an old tavern space for rent they knew that they had a location. Sweetgreen was going to come to life on M Street — they just had to convince the landlord to lease to them while also looking for backers to fund the development. This was not an easy task. In fact, Sweetgreen almost didn’t get off of the ground.


Ru and his co-founders had to call the landlord of the building multiple times until they were able to convince the individual to meet them. From there a rock solid business plan won the Sweetgreen crew a location. Within a month they had a team of backers, an architect on hand, and a launching point ready. Sweetgreen was coming to life, but the team wasn’t content with just being a restaurant in town. Sweetgreen wanted to become a part of the culture of the area, they wanted to be iconic, and they had a plan to make that happen too.


Theresa Dold, leader of the digital marketing for Sweetgreen, knew that they had to do something special to make their restaurant a part of the local zeitgeist. So, Dold focused on ‘tribal marketing’. This gave birth to the Sweetgreen mobile app which allowed customers to register points with their purchases. Points would go toward donations to teach healthy eating around the city. Sweetgreen would also go on to launch their own musical festival, ‘Sweetlife’, to further push this cultural aspect.

How Jason Halpern has Built a niche for himself in the Real Estate Development Sector

Jason Halpern is a New York-based entrepreneur who has accomplished a lot in real estate development. His father and grandfather were professionals in the industry, and this has allowed him to gain outstanding skills and experience. Halpern owns a firm that that is called JMH Development, and he acts as its managing partner. JMH Development has established a couple of unique real estate properties for the past twenty-five years that it has been in business. The construction firm has made over $500 million from establishing commercial and residential buildings.

Jason Halpern with His Wife

Halpern utilizes innovative approaches that have enabled him to attain success in the industry. He has used JMH Development in completing remarkable real estate projects in Brooklyn, New York City, Manhattan, Miami, and many other parts of the country. The company has developed landmark properties in all these cities. JMH Development is different from other real estate firms since it focuses on acquiring old buildings and modernizing them. The company has been coordinating with the neighboring communities to make sure that it does not destroy historic features of the buildings.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

JMH Development is acknowledged for completing a couple of significant projects. The company constructed 340 luxury apartments at 184 Kent by refurbishing an old warehouse that was not being used. It also increased the number of top-notch homes in Brooklyn by building nine state-of-the-art townhouses from the Townhouses of Cobble Hill. Another major project of JMH Development is establishing the 235-room Aloft South Beach Hotel. It constructed the hotel from the Miami-based Motel Ankara, and it had eight more stories than the original structure.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

The real estate development guru is also recognized for his commitment to philanthropy. He has been a significant sponsor of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, which is an institution that is located at the Westchester Medical Center. It is rated as a Level 1 Trauma Center, and its focus is in emergency surgeries. JMH Development also makes donations to fund the distribution of clean water in Egypt and Nepal. Its project currently benefits 650 households, but it is working with different non-profit organizations to expand it.