An Ounce of Prevention Can Prevent a Ton of Misery

According to the C.D.C. website strokes, also known as brain attacks, afflict 795,000 Americans annually. Stroke related fatalities exceed 130,000 yearly. That number makes strokes the third leading cause of death in the United States.Strokes are also a primary cause of long term disabilities and more information click here.

There are two causes of stroke. Either a blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked or ruptures.

After the age of 55, the risk of strokes doubles every decade. In other words, the stroke risk for someone in the 65-75 age group the risk is twice that for individuals age 55-65. For those between the ages of 75-85, the risk is four times greater than for the 55-65 age group and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Eighty-percent of strokes could be prevented by pre-screening. A painless non-invasive sonogram can detect conditions that may lead to a stroke. “Forewarned is forearmed” and by knowing in advance that you are at risk enables you to take action that will save your life and spare you the suffering that a stroke causes.

Knowing this begs the question, “Where do I go for such a screening?” You can find the answer to that question at In business since 1993, longer than any other pre-screening service, Life Line Screening performs one million screenings a year.

I should take a moment to mention that Life Line Screening‘s services are not limited to checking for risk factors relating to stroke. Screenings are available for testing testosterone levels, cholesterol, liver enzymes, and diabetes to list some of the available screenings.

As the expression goes, “There is no substitute for experience.” Life Line Screening’s highly trained technicians have performed on average over 40,000 screenings. An A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau speaks to the quality of the work that Life Line Screening does and the overall integrity of the company and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

The equipment that they use is state of the art. In fact, the machines were developed for use in military field hospitals. To ensure absolute accuracy the equipment is recalibrated on a regular basis.

To paraphrase the old expression, an ounce of prevention can prevent a ton of misery.

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The Fresh Face of Modern Wine

Julia Jackson is no stranger to the wine industry. Her parents founded the Jackson Family Wines Collection in the 1980’s. Her father would often have the children work in the vineyards to teach them work ethic and that success doesn’t come free. Growing up with such an amazing family legacy fostered a passion for wine that would only grow stronger as Julia aged.

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After her completing a B.A degree at Scripps College, Julia spent time abroad in France to learn about French wine sales and distribution, and to work the harvest. She often worked 14 hour days as she learned the ins and outs of wine production. Her time abroad nurtured her passion for the family business and inspired her to complete the Master Sommelier Introductory Course.

Julia Jackson founded a non-profit, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a grant-making program which supplies $100,000 annually to remarkable women leaders and charitable organizations. She credits her mother’s strong presence and hard work with inspiring Cambria Seeds of Empowerment.

Julia also takes leading a role in running the family business. She handles much of the social media for the Jackson family’s global brands, especially in Italy and China. Julia also isn’t afraid to express any unconventional opinions. Jackson argues that Sonoma is California’s best place for Cabernet, and she’s right, as the Jackson Family’s Vérité brand has been lauded by Wine Critic Robert Parker as a perfect 100-point wine. Julia’s ability to think outside the box is one of the many reasons she has found such success in the industry. Her young approach to the industry has led to her features on Crunchbase and The Drink Business. Julia is quickly becoming the millennial face of an age-old industry.

Marc Sparks Offers Entrepreneurial Insight on Business

Marc Sparks is a renowned entrepreneur, business professional as well as venture capitalist hailing from America. He currently resides in Texas and is in charge of many companies with different portfolios. One of his fast growing portfolios is Timber Creek Capital. For years, Marc has owned as well as operated series of enterprises. He understands the operations of telecommunication companies in the industry of communications. Initially, he worked for Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom as well as Blue Jay Wireless. The career of Marc Sparks as an entrepreneur began with a single small step after graduating in 1975. He has been the head cheerleader of various startups. Learn more:


While some startups have massively progressed, others have been disastrous. Marc has however never given up on developing better entrepreneurial strategies for businesses. He used his downfall to make a strong come back. For over thirty years, he has established friendly working relationships with different individuals. This has played a key role in the development of working relationships across the various sectors. With that experience, Sparks has developed a platform that offers entrepreneurial insight for prospects. He has been helpful in providing lessons for entrepreneurs. Learn more:

They Can’t Eat You

In his book titled They Can’t Eat You, Marc shares inspirational stories of his business journey. According to him, it is evident that the book sheds massive light on how to overcome downfalls in business ventures. The book also provides insight on how to delve into successful leadership in business. Marc invested in a software company that did not yield any benefits. To him, this is more educative than beneficial in the industry. In a different scenario, he states that his insurance building company was founded in his bedroom. It took up so fast and yielded maximum benefits. The company stopped registering excellent performance in ninety days. Marc was then convinced to write a book by his colleagues. He was trusted to be in a position to offer entrepreneurial guidance regarding his achievements and failures. He decided to write about his experience as a business professional. To him, that was going to be a blessing to an entrepreneur. Learn more:

Building Companies

Sparks’ primary objective is building companies. He is inclined towards the development of various startups. He is focused on using the ideas that have long been discarded to develop companies. That is how he established Timber Creek Capital. He invests in the initial ideas to make ends meet. Not only do such ideas play a critical role in developing business but also, they set the pace for operating business. Sparks is prominent for managing such businesses in real time. He combines his talent and passion for entrepreneurship to help prospective business professionals. As an experienced business professional, he is trusted by many investors to offer sound advice.



George Soros: A Liberal Champion with Money and Power

In America, political organizations must have money and power to be effective. If they do not have these two resources they certainly need to have connections to people that have these attributes. This is one problem with politics. A person will need money and power to promote their agenda. No matter how good a political ideal, theory, cause or candidate might be; people and groups will need money to advance it. This is why wealthy political supporters are necessary.

George Soros has been advancing political causes for many years. He is a liberal champion that supports many liberal organizations that help to promote this cause. An example of his charitable giving has to do with the support he provides for voter mobilization organizations. Millions are given from Soros’s Open Society Foundation for this purpose. He wants to ensure that people are registered voters. This way they can be influenced for liberal political members and for liberal causes.

This is just one example about the power that Soros has. He has the money to give to organizations for this purpose. Since he does, he is able to amass the power needed to promote liberal causes. Soros not only helps voter registration, he also supports nonprofits that are set up to defend human rights. For Soros, liberalism is the best option for a political solution to the world’s problems. Soros believes that the liberal agenda is necessary for helping people to live life to the best of their ability. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros has lived a very long life. During the course of his 80 plus years on the Earth, he has seen the problems that arise when a sole political ideology or theory dominates a country. People are oppressed, their disenfranchised, they cannot live life to the best of their ability. Liberalism ensures that conservative ideas are not the only ones being promoted within a society.

The American liberal scenes owe a lot to George Soros. Though he is not the only person that helps liberalism to flourish; he is a huge supporter of this ideology. This democratic supporter is a true leader and champion of democratic causes. George Soros has the money, the power and the knowledge to advance the liberal agenda for many years to come. Learn more on Biography about George.