Get Great Calling Features From Securus Technologies

Get award winning inmate communications with Securus Technologies that has you affiliated with a recent Stevie Award winner. The Gold Stevie award is a prestigious customer award that is given out annually to individuals with a high level of customer service. Securus got their start as a leading inmate communication regulation provider and quickly grew as a leading inmate competitive communications provider. They proudly employee over 12,000+ IT professionals in a high level of communications and security. Their network has proudly processed over 2.4 million inmate calls annually. Stay connected and spend less communicating with your love ones in a correctional facility.


There are a number of ways for their customers to become a part of their interactive platform. Their customers recently solved and prevented a crime involving a corrupt staff member. Securus has interactive technology that allows their customers to use it to speak up about crimes that could have potentially increased their fees. Now, you can say goodbye to dropped calls and become a part of a secure inmate communications calling network. Their prices are chosen 10 to 1, over other leading competitors with prices that mimic $4 to $1.


Popular Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


You can leave a voicemail for the ones that you love in a correctional facility by simply accessing their personalized account. It helps them to transition for a life outside of a correctional facility. They can now get calls from love ones, legal counsel, and potential job prospects.


Advanced Pay Solutions


Get prepaid options for inmate calling that will allow you to talk to the ones you love when you want to talk to them. This feature is available to those that are eighteen years of older or have a valid checking or credit card.


Become a part of Securus Technologies by visiting their exclusive website today.



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