A Look At Metrik Holdings Principal, Samuel Strauch And His Company

Samuel Strauch is the principal or chief executive of the real estate development firm known as Metrik Holdings. He created Metrik Holdings in 2002, after he spent some time working at his family’s real estate company. Originally, Mr. Strauch began working in the banking industry before trying his hand at real estate and later creating his own real estate company.

The educational background of Samuel Strauch spans the United States and Europe. Mr. Strauch completed his undergraduate studies in the United States. He holds a bachelors degree in business administration with a concentration in international business from Hofstra University in New York State. Additionally Mr. Strauch completed a masters degree in international finance and international marketing at Erasmus University in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Later, once Strauch obtained positions of leadership, he went on to study executive leadership in real estate and capital markets at Harvard University in the United States.

Besides serving as the principal of Metrik Holdings Samuel Strauch has invested in internet companies and holds a stake in the restaurant industry. His hobbies include photography, cycling and meditating. His approach to business and life is that everybody should take steps to promote the advancement of humankind for the good. Samuel Strauch believes that is does not matter if the steps are big or small. All that matters is that you make a positive impact on your life and the lives of others. Mr. Strauch often says that even the smallest steps can lead to the biggest positive changes in our lives.

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A Quick Look At Metrik Holdings

Metrik Holdings is a real estate development company that was formerly known as Affinity Realty Group. The company has its main office in South Beach, Florida. Services that the company provides includes management, brokerage and equity development. The company manages properties both in the USA and abroad.

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